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Zip Screen – UltraShade

Maximum Width: 6.10m (20 Ft)
Maximum Height: 5.20m (17 Ft)
Maximum Area: 18m² (192 Ft²)


Robust and Dependable Sun Protection

Utilizing the same technology and skilled engineering as our Roll Shutter and Roller Door products, we are pleased to offer one of the most robust and dependable products on the market.

The VS Z is an innovative zip screen system, mounted in front of the window. Used for private, medium and large building projects, it is particularly suitable for schools, office and residential buildings.

By reflecting sunlight and filtering UV radiation, the VS Z is an energy efficient full shade that offers maximum flexibility. Choose translucent or opaque sun protection with little loss of natural light, to add aesthetic design and to provide optimum anti-glare privacy and heat protection.