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Easily integrated into home automation systems

Secure your home or business in seconds with the touch of a button or with voice control. Our professional and experienced installers have all the knowledge to ensure your security shutters work seamlessly with your home automation systems. Just open up your Somfy smartphone app and monitor your property from anywhere. Whether it's a package delivery or the arrival of the people you love the most, you can control all of your roll shutter activity from your phone.

Roll Shutters In Abbotsford


From anywhere.

Ensure your family, property, or possessions are safe and secure with a reliable roll shutter opener that’s simple to use, built to last and exceptionally powerful. PLUS live video streaming capabilities can let you watch deliveries and package deliveries happening in real-time.


With real-time alerts.

Never wonder if you roll shutters were left open or are opened unexpectedly. Check the status of security shutters, plus open and close the shutters from your phone—no matter where you are.


Shading and Sun Protection

Utilizing the same technology and skilled engineering, as our Roll Shutter products, we are proud to offer a zip screen solution that is secure and dependable.

Secure what’s inside


Commercial Security Roll Shutters


From contractors and developers to commercial and industrial locations, security roll shutters are the perfect solution to keep your business secure.

Storefront Security Roll Shutters


Our storefront security roll shutters are great for retail locations, along with liquor and cannabis stores. Add peace of mind for your business and prevent break ins, vandalism, and weather damage.

Residential Security Shutters


No need to compromise style for security. Never worry about your home or vacation property while out of town, or protecting your property from harsh weather conditions.

Security Shutters For Government And Schools


Security shutters can be customized and fitted to any window or door frame and are the perfect solution for schools, colleges, or government building.

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Products & Installation


Roll Shutter UltraSecure


Our UltraSecure Roll Shutter features a curtain comprised of a roll formed aluminum slat with a thick dye cast resin core to improve coverage width as it withstands greater physical force. With the addition of the HTF Secure guide rail, the UltraSecure Roll Shutter utilizes wind locks to secure the curtain inside the guide rails. This allows for a higher wind load rating as well as providing a higher tolerance against forced entry. Additionally, the UltraSecure Roll Shutter System features the same advantages as the UltraProtect System with regards to target hardening, tamper resistance, energy efficiency upgrades as well as sound dampening and light blocking for your home or business. Maximum Width: 4.20m (14 Ft). Maximum Height: 3.15m (10.5 Ft). Maximum Area: 8.0m² (86 Ft²)

Roll Shutter UltraProtect


Our UltraProtect Roll Shutter features a curtain comprised of high-quality roll formed aluminum slats with a urethane, insulated core. This system provides a high-grade thermal barrier and comes in a variety of colors that make every installation look fantastic. The UltraProtect Roll Shutter system is extremely affordable and offers many advantages such as: target hardening, deterrence, energy efficiency upgrades as well as sound dampening and light blocking for your home or business. Maximum Width: 3.50m (11 Ft). Maximum Height: 3.05m (10 Ft). Maximum Area: 7.0m² (75 Ft²)

Zip Screen UltraShade


Utilizing the same technology and skilled engineering, as our Roll Shutter and Roller Door products, we are pleased to offer one of the most robust and dependable products on the market. An innovative zip screen system, mounted in front of the window. Used for private, medium and large building projects, it is particularly suitable for schools, office and residential buildings. By reflecting sunlight and filtering UV radiation, the VS Z is an energy efficient full shade that offers maximum flexibility. Choose translucent or opaque sun protection with little loss of natural light, to add aesthetic design and to provide optimum anti-glare privacy and heat protection. Maximum Width: 6.10m (20 Ft). Maximum Height: 5.20m (17 Ft). Maximum Area: 18m² (192 Ft²)