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High Speed Doors

Get a quote on a high-speed door for your business from Vancouver’s most experienced team. High-speed doors are a necessary part of efficient and secure facilities, and we carry some of the finest brands available on the market. Our experienced experts can answer your questions about any of the doors we carry, their features or their warranties. Call today for a free in-person quote.

Here,  you’ll find some of the high-speed doors installed in the BC area. All of these photos are doors sold by our team and installed by our team. While these are some of the best high-speed doors we carry, it is not our complete stock. We carry many other doors from dozens of great brands and manufacturers. Learn more about our doors and high-speed openers in the FAQ section that follows the gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions about High-Speed Doors

Do you sell high-speed openers?

We carry a very large stock of commercial garage door openers designed for storage, manufacturing and secure facilities. If there is a specific feature you need from an opener, please ask us about it. We’ll help you develop the right solution for your facility.

Can the speed of high-speed doors be adjusted?

Yes. Most industrial openers are capable of different speeds, though they are often set to a specific setting for safety reasons. Depending on your needs, our pros can help you plan and install a setup with the exact speed required. Our stock of openers is just as large as our stock of doors, so there are many great options with features to choose from.

Do you use contractors to install high-speed doors?

No, we do not. All of our work, including installations and maintenance, are performed by our own vetted team members using our tools. Mechanical doors of all types (both residential and commercial) are our specialty, so we bring more expertise to installations than the average contractor.

Do you maintain high-speed doors?

Yes, we do. Door maintenance is part of our general services, and we’re ready to assist you with stopped, broken or noise-making commercial doors. Thanks to our training, our techs can maintain all doors for your warehouse or facility, even those that we don’t sell. Our repair services are available 24/7 for emergencies. Learn more about our commercial services, here.

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