Residential Garage Doors: Getting to Know the Different Styles

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Getting to know the different styles of residential garage doors will help you choose the best garage door for the overall aesthetics of your home. At Doorcare, we understand that your garage door is an integral part of your home’s look and appeal. That is why we offer a wide range of residential garage door services, including installations and repairs.

Styles of Residential Garage Doors

Some of the most popular styles of residential garage doors available on the market today include:

1. Traditional Raised-Panel Garage Doors

If your home has more of a clean, classic look to it, a traditional raised-panel garage door might be the perfect option for tying into your home’s exterior. This type of garage door style is known for its symmetrical, raised rectangular panels, and can be constructed with varying designs and materials, including insulated and natural-wood options.

2. Contemporary Garage Doors

For mid-century modern or modern home styles, a contemporary garage door can help create a clean, functional curb appeal that is sure to impress passersby. This type of residential garage door combines elements of metal, glass, and wood in a simple, yet sophisticated, manner. Contemporary garage doors can easily be constructed from different types of metal, such as aluminum or steel, to provide the right level of strength and durability for your needs.

3. Carriage-House Garage Doors

Carriage-house garage doors, also known as barn-style garage doors, are the perfect complement to more rustic styles of homes, such as craftsman style or mission style homes. The rustic appeal of this style of residential garage door can help make your house standout from the rest of the homes on the block, while still maintaining a charming appeal.

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