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How Does a Rolling Shutter Work?

A common type of garage door system is the roll-up shutter door. It is used most commonly for commercial and industrial facilities, but it can also be used for residential purposes. In order to know whether a rolling garage door is the best option for your applications, it can be helpful to know how a roll-up shutter works. At Doorcare, we provide installations and maintenance on all kinds of garage and bay doors, including rolling doors, throughout BC’s Lower Mainland.

How a Rolling Door Works

Roll-up shutter doors use a series of linked, flexible horizontal panels that lift vertically and retract into a roll at the top of the opening. The door runs on a vertical track and can be connected to a variety of different types of opening apparatuses, including motors, chain pulleys, and simple lift systems. The panels are connected to one another through a series of articulated joints that allow the door to roll tightly around itself. Roll-up doors can come in a variety of thicknesses and styles for different levels of insulation and security, as well as different aesthetics.

Benefits of Roll-Up Shutter Doors

Rolling doors offer many benefits. They provide facilities with excellent security, as they are incredibly difficult to leverage open and they can survive substantial impacts. One of the main benefits of this type of garage door is that roll-up shutters do not require large amounts of overhead space. Their ability to coil around themselves makes them incredibly low profile, which is ideal for any facility with space restrictions, overhead shelving, second stories, or mezzanines.

Rolling doors come in any size and they can be customized to suit any facility’s aesthetic, making them extremely versatile. They are commonly used in warehouses and other kinds of storage, shipping, and industrial settings, but roll-up garage doors are also extremely useful for storefronts, restaurants, and even homes. With the right finish, a roll-up door can provide a building with an attractive and convenient opening solution.

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