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Custom Garage Doors: Getting the Best Fit for Your Home

Since garage doors are often one of the most visible features of your house’s exterior, it is important to get the best custom garage door for your home. At Doorcare, we design and install custom garage doors for homes all over the Lower Mainland of BC and we have experience creating doors that suit their homes in function and aesthetic.

Custom Garage Door Tips

Getting the right custom garage door for your home can really raise your property’s curb appeal. By consulting with an experienced custom garage door designer, you can ensure that your new door complements your home’s look and functions well for the space. Some tips to pick the best custom garage door for your home include:

Know What Material Your Garage Door Should Be

Before deciding on a style, it is worth knowing what material you want your custom garage door to be made of. Garage doors are available in many different materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, and composite materials, and each material has a different set of benefits. Custom wood carriage doors look classy and incredible, but they can require some upkeep, so make sure that you get the right finish. Metal doors are incredibly strong and can be designed to look great. Some doors can even incorporate translucent glass panels to give the door a glowing effect at night and let in natural light during the day.

Research Different Garage Door Styles

There are a wide variety of looks for garage doors. Different materials provide different door aesthetics and there are many different ways to embellish a custom carriage door. Putting handles on the door, having windows for natural light, framing the door with different colours, and using flourishes such as wrought-iron hinge plates can all help to change up the look of the custom garage door.

Custom Garage Doors from Doorcare

At Doorcare, we offer a variety of residential garage door design and installation services and we always ensure that the doors we install will work properly for years to come. Our garage door designs range from classic antique to modern chic, and we can help you make any garage door design into a reality.

To learn more about Doorcare’s custom garage doors and how to get the best fit for your home, or if you are interested in one of our other residential garage door services, please contact Doorcare at 604-533-1125 or by filling out a contact form on our website.