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Commercial Garage Door Installation in Abbotsford

Whether you are building a new facility for your business, renovating your existing building, or simply replacing an old door, knowing who to call for commercial garage door installation in Abbotsford can help to keep your work moving forward. At Doorcare, we supply a full range of commercial services in garage door installations and supply, and we have experience with every kind of garage and bay door imaginable.

Commercial Garage Doors in Abbotsford, BC

As an Abbotsford garage door installation company, we have a wealth of experience in the Fraser Valley area in commercial garage door provision. The services that we provide to our Abbotsford commercial clients include supply, installations, service, and repairs, and we offer solutions for commercial garage doors, overhead doors, parking gates, and high-speed doors. Projects that we, at Doorcare, have handled for commercial clients include multi-bay warehouses and shipping facilities, shops and garages, parking facilities, and airport hangars.

Commercial Garage Door Types

The types of commercial garage door installations in Abbotsford that we provide come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some of the most commonly installed garage and overhead doors include:

Overhead Garage Door

Overhead doors are one of the most commonly used commercial garage door types. As the most straightforward garage door type, overhead doors are available in the broadest range of styles and materials. If you have a certain aesthetic in mind for your Abbotsford business, these doors will be able to fit the bill. These doors also have many systems available for opening options, including mechanical and automated systems.

Roll-Up Garage Door

When a facility needs a commercial garage door that does not take up overhead space when open, roll-up garage doors are an excellent option. These doors come in a variety of sizes and roll up nicely rather than sliding onto a horizontal rail system, which is ideal for buildings with mezzanines or high ceilings.

Fire Rated Garage Door

Most commonly installed in shops, mills, warehouses, and garages, fire rated garage doors offer noise reduction and fire resistance to commercial facilities across Abbotsford. They are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and offer both convenience and protection.

To find out more about commercial garage door installation in Abbotsford, or if you are interested in one of our other commercial or residential garage door services, please contact Doorcare at 604-533-1125 or by filling out a contact form on our website.