WiFi-Enabled Garage Door Openers


More than just a large storage room for most of us, our garages play an important part in our daily lives. Not only do you keep you car safe in your garage, it allows for storage of your family’s bicycles, and of course, most of us keep our garbage bins in there away from the animals.

In fact, your garage door is probably the most-used door in your home. It knows when you come, it knows when you leave, and when you forget something. In case you haven’t heard, there are a few brands of garage door openers out on the market that are now wifi-enabled. Crazy, right? Wrong. It’s smart, very smart.

Why WiFi?

Some might wonder why a garage door needs to be wifi-enabled. But if you think about it, everything is now connected to wifi these days, and this means down the road, they’ll be able to talk to each other (figuratively of course) and all your systems will be in-sync.

Most of these wifi garage door openers have either an iOS or Android app (or both) that you can download on your smartphone so that you can open your garage door from anywhere in the world. And you can close it too (in case you forget). That’s why it’s a smart idea!

How many times have you been half-way to work, half-way to the airport or worse, half-way around the world and thought, “Did I forget to close the garage door?” Well, with the app installed on your phone you can check easily and if you have forgotten, it’s easy enough to fix. In fact, you can even set it so that if the door is left open for a certain amount of time, it’ll know to automatically close on its own.

More Benefits

Not only can these smart machines now open and close at the touch of a button anywhere in the world, but if you need to let someone into your home you can now do that without giving them the keys. Say you’re stuck at work late and need to have the babysitter come over before the kids get home from school. No problem, just get on the app.

And with these helpful apps, you can set it to get a push notification every time the garage door is opened or closed. So you can keep track of the comings and goings of your family (i.e. younger children) if need be.

Is It Safe and Secure?

These garage door openers rely on your home’s wifi network to connect. Which means, if you don’t already have a password, or if you do, make sure you select one that is uber-strong. And you’ll need a different but equally strong password on your smartphone app. Remember, these passwords are essentially protecting your home, so if your phone is lost or stolen you don’t want anyone to be able to have access to your garage door opener through your app or your home’s wifi.

How Can I Get It?

Simple. Most big box stores like Home Depot, Costco or Rona carry brands like LiftMaster/Chamberlain and Craftsman which make these wifi-enabled garage door openers.

You can always get a professional to install your new garage door opener, or if you don’t need to replace your old one just yet, you can also purchase an adapter which will allow you to retrofit your old non-wifi garage door opener and enable you to get connected.


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