Why You Should Call in an Expert to fix Your Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is a very important component of the whole garage door mechanism. It is possible for users to experience some problems with garage door openers, owing to their age, quality, or improper handling. These problems can result in serious delays when one wants to leave the home, and they can be a security concern when one comes home only to leave the car outside for long stretches of time because the door is not opening at all.

It is important for homeowners to know what to do and whom to call if the door opener problem persists. Here are the most common problems that a garage door opener can experience:

Unwanted garage door reversal – At times, the garage door can reverse immediately after it hits the floor or right before it hits the floor. The main reason behind this is usually a problem with the close limit switch or a problem with the closing force. A professional technician will find a solution to this problem because this reversal can become irritating and become a security concern if the problem persists.

The remote seems not to be working – If you discover that the remote is not working and yet you are within its range of operation, you have new remote batteries, and the antennae is facing the right direction, try reprogramming the remote. If the problem persists, ask a professional to check the remote and the garage door and restore it to its functional state.

The switch or the remote does not seem to work – Some garage door openers might fail to operate using the switch or the remote. The main reason for this is usually a power disruption in the opener system. If the system is on and if there is no problem with the fuse and circuit breakers, call in a professional to identify and correct the problem.

The motor does not stop running – If the motor will continue running even when the garage door is open completely, then there may be a problem with the opener switch. Moving the switch further from the motor will usually prevent this problem, although a technician will make sure to solve the problem for you completely.

Door opening and closing problemsThe garage door can fail to close all the way down or open completely, owing to a problem with the closing limit switch. If the door does not close all the way down when operating it manually or if it will still not open completely after adjusting the distance between the switch and the motor unit, you need to get an expert to correct the problem fast.

Reasons to replace your garage door opener

Ideally, your garage door opener is supposed to last a very long time. However, if the opener is proving to be problematic and repairing it is costing you too much money, you might need to replace it. You must call a garage door technician to replace the opener owing to the following reasons:

Your garage opener will not operate when there is power

Garage door openers require power to operate. Older models may have no power backup option and will prevent you from opening your garage door to remove your car or to park if there is no power in your home. By having an opener with a backup option in the case of a power outage, your opener will operate normally regardless of issues with your electricity.

Your opener does not have a safety mechanism

It is very important to have garage doors with safety mechanisms. This safety mechanism is a light sensor that will trigger the garage door to stop and start reversing immediately an object such as a pet or a child interrupts the light beam. Using a garage door without a safety mechanism is a risk to human and animal life, and the same applies to a garage door with a broken safety mechanism. This is enough reason to replace the garage door opener.

Your opener is a serious security concern

Old garage door opener mechanisms are usually easy for burglars to figure out, thereby making them an easy entryway for criminals. The fixed code opener system is easy to crack these days, but newer models offer a rolling code system that is extremely difficult to crack. Furthermore, it is possible to get openers that will require fingerprint access, making it even more difficult for the bad guys to gain access to your home.

Your opener is too loud during operation

If you find that whenever you operate the garage door the opener is too loud, it may be time for a replacement. This noise coming out of your opener can strain the relationship between you and your neighbors because you keep waking them up in the morning when you have to leave. This noise is also a security issue because burglars will always know when you come home and when you leave even when they are a long way off.


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