What Your Carriage Door Says about You


Carriage doors have been making a stir in home design for several years now. They certainly turned heads when they first started showing up in neighborhoods, and now they’ve arrived to the point that you can find quality carriage doors of all styles and materials to meet the needs of any garage door. It’s proven to be a strong choice for many homes and there’s certainly a type of person who seems to favor this look.

Choosing a carriage door for your garage says a lot about your personal style and the things that most interest you in design. If you’ve called us to have a carriage door placed on your garage, chances are pretty good that…

You’re Creative

You’re not satisfied with the typical.

A carriage door is a unique choice, and a visually striking one. It’s a choice you make when you like setting yourself apart and letting other people know that you really like to express yourself. Of course, carriage doors come in all sorts of styles so there’s a lot of room for flexibility. You can take one of the carriage doors we provide and go in any direction with it.

You’ll find that some of the carriage doors are better for cultivating that “barn” look that’s currently all the rage in design circles. Of course, carriage doors are perfect for capturing the splendor of the turn-of-the-century when carriages were once used. You can build just about any home look around them.

You Value the Finer Things

Pressed aluminum is efficient and well-balanced for the job of keeping the elements out of your garage. However, it’s not as nice to the eye or to the feel as a beautiful wooden carriage door. If you’re the type of person who has a carriage door on your home, you’re probably someone who cares about having durable things around that do their jobs for a long time.

A quality wooden door isn’t even at greater risk than an aluminum door if it is cared for properly. Quality weatherproofing and care will keep wooden doors looking spectacular for many years to come.

You Have a Classic Sensibility

There’s just something about the build quality from the past age. Everything feels sturdier in hard wood, from homes to garage doors. If you’re proud to show off your garage door to the neighborhood, it’s probably because you deeply value the classic way of doing things. You probably have the kind of car that looks great coming out of a sturdy wooden door.

Share Your Doors with Us

We have seen so many great carriage doors complementing homes around the area, and we’d love to see yours or hear about how you used your carriage door to transform the look of your home. Leave your experience in our comment section!


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