What type of garage door is right for you?

Garage doors are an important part of your home. They provide security, insulation and can add value to your property. It might be difficult to select the right kind of garage door, though. New technologies exist that make garage’s far more advanced, reliable and customizable than they used to be. All of these options can be overwhelming, which is why in this guide you can read about the different types of garage doors out there, the new technologies available and the other exciting options available to you.


Garage doors have come a long way in recent years. There are multiple kinds of designs for garage doors and they all have there own attributes that you might be interested in.

You’ve probably seen roller garage doors many times because they’re very popular. These doors are designed so they can rise up and be stored into the rollers overhead. They usually operate mechanically, so when you activate them they don’t require any physical exertion to lift, although there are also manual versions available. Sectional garage doors are almost the same as roller garage doors but they don’t use rollers to operate. Both roller and sectional garage doors save more space, so you may find them ideal if you plan to park your car in the garage.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a more classic look you might be interested in up-and-over garage doors. These operate differently from roller and sectional garage doors because instead of pushing them up you have to pull them out from the bottom. The big downside with up-and-over garage doors is they take more space, so if you park your car in the garage, you may want to make sure this type of door will work for you.

If you’re looking for a very traditional look you might want to take a look at side hinged garage doors. These have a very simple design, with just double doors that lock in the middle. They also require a little more space than if you used roller or sectional garage doors but some people like the style of a side hinged door. They’re very common in rural areas and, like up-and-over garage doors; they have a more classic look to them.


In the past, garage doors used to be made of wood, but now you can get garage doors made out of fiberglass, aluminum and even steel. Not only are these options affordable, they’re also practical in a lot of ways. They tend to be very durable, being dent and weather-resistant. Lots of brands coat their materials with proprietary formulas so they don’t harbor pests or corrode as they age. Furthermore, most companies practice environmentally friendly standards, so you can get a garage door that isn’t just of a high quality but comes from recyclable materials and an eco-friendly manufacturing process. If you want to go with the more classic wood look, though, there are still plenty of brands that offer high-quality wooden garage doors.


The technology behind garage doors has advanced immensely. Garage doors are now much more energy efficient. They can insulate your garage, which means you’ll save a lot of money on heating costs. Garage doors can even be soundproofed, too, a nice option if you’re a musician or want more privacy. Garages also make a lot of sense in terms of security. Burglars commonly try to get into a house through the garage door because these doors tend to be easier to break into. That’s a different story with newer garage doors, though.

You can now get a garage door that can’t be pried open and some even come in security packages with their own electronic systems to notify you if someone is trying to break in. Even if your garage isn’t attached to your house, you want to protect your property, especially if you prefer to park your car in the garage. Garages are simply a very common place where criminals may try to steal from you, so keeping them secure is a good investment in your safety and the safety of your property.

Other options

Garages come in all kinds of colors and some brands even offer custom paint jobs if you have something specific in mind. If you’re someone who appreciates natural light, you may want to get garage doors that have windows. Plastic windows are available, too, so you won’t have to sacrifice any security. Many garage doors come with standard automatic formats, so with the click of a button you can open them up. The security systems on garage doors are phenomenal, now. You can get a system where you type your own personal code to open them; a handy feature for ensuring undesirables can’t get in.


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