What to do if your Garage Door is Stuck Open?

Garage-Door-Stuck-OpenThere is nothing worse than a garage door that is stuck in the open position. While this is a common problem, it is one that you would rather not deal with.

If your garage door does get stuck, there are a few things that you should do:

  • Call a professional right away. This will ensure that the problem gets fixed sooner rather than later.
  • Don’t stick your hands anywhere near the door in an attempt to “jar it loose.” Doing so could result in serious injury.
  • Make sure you avoid standing under the door. Along with this, make it known to others that the door is broke and they should not walk underneath it for the time being.

You may be tempted to search for a do-it-yourself solution, however, working on a garage door without experience can be extremely dangerous.

Reasons for this Problem

There are many reasons why your garage door may be stuck in the open position. Some of the most common include:

1. Safety motion sensors out of alignment. When these are unable to communicate with each other, the door is not able to close.

2. Cable has come loose or fallen off. If a cable slips out of place, your door will not be able to move to the down position until properly reattached.

3. A track that is out of line. This can lead to your door being stuck in any position, not just open.

Even if you think you know why your garage door is stuck open, you should call a professional for assistance. Not only will this ensure your safety, but it will also go a long way in giving you confidence that the issue has been fixed properly.

A garage door that is stuck in the open position is not the end of the world. There is a good chance that an experienced repair company can get your door back in good working condition without delay.


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