Top Garage Door Brands to Consider for Your Home

Your garage door may seem simply utilitarian, but you actually have a wide range of options for both the look and quality of your door.

You can choose from overhead doors that roll up or flip out, or you can choose a more traditional look with side-opening doors. You can choose from steel or aluminum doors that provide a strong barrier against the elements, or you can choose from wooden doors that lend warmth and a more rustic look to your home.

It is important that you thoroughly research all your options to find the very best garage door for your home. Name brands aren’t as important as what you discover in your own research, such as the quality and pricing.

However, because there are so many options available for your garage door, starting with the name brands can help you kickstart your research. After all, name brands became name brands because they earned a reputation for quality and value.

Here are a few of the top garage door brands you may want to consider for your home:


Amarr offers a wide selection of carriage house and traditional garage door styles. However, it also offers specialty designs, including ornate iron work and raised panel doors. The selection includes a variety of designs, colors and materials, ensuring that you can find a door that fits the look you want, whether you have a vintage or modern home.

Amarr also sells energy-efficient garage doors that include insulation, as well as garage door accessories, such as openers. With some Amarr doors, you may even qualify for an energy tax credit.

Amarr has a reputation as one of the top garage door manufacturers, so you can trust that you’ll get a quality door when you shop with this company.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors

As its name suggests, C.H.I. specializes in overhead doors, including garage and warehouse doors. Thanks to its industrial connection, C.H.I. produces doors that are incredibly strong and rugged, yet it also creates doors that have an attractive design.

When you think “overhead doors,” you might think your only options are steel, roll-up doors. However, C.H.I. offers doors in a variety of styles, including raised panel and carriage house. C.H.I. also offers a specialty accent plank door that has micro grooves for interesting visual detail.

Creating a relationship with C.H.I. is also a good idea if you own a business. You can call on the same contact for your residential and commercial needs.

Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton has been making quality garage doors from the heart of Amish country since 1954. The craftsmanship on which it has built its reputation is obvious in every door it makes.

From traditional wooden doors to ornate aluminum and steel designs, you can find a variety of looks to match your home’s decor and to highlight its best features. You can choose from different styles to get the functionality you want, as well, such as overhead or side-swinging doors.

Wayne Dalton doors are sold through numerous dealers, so finding the door you want should be a simple process.


Delden garage doors are classic and elegant, whether they mimic traditional designs or more contemporary styles. The extensive selection includes doors that are appropriate for residential or commercial garages, sheds, warehouses and more.

Not only will you have your choice of styles when you shop Delden garage doors, but you can also choose from different materials such as aluminum, steel and wood. Insulated garage doors are available to help you reduce your energy expenditures and to reduce your environmental impact.

Delden also distinguishes itself with its Safe Plus System, which enhances overall safety to both the homeowner and the home. The doors are resistant to weather damages and fire, and their sturdy construction minimizes accidents that could injure homeowners and guests.

Delden also offers a wide selection of accessories, including garage door openers and extra hardware.

When you search for your next garage door, exploring the name brands can help you find the best the market has to offer in the shortest time. However, you can’t buy a door based on its manufacturer alone. Make sure you do your research to know more about the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship, as well as what kind of service or guarantees the company offers. Reading online reviews from previous customers can help you find a lot of helpful information so you know what to expect from that manufacturer.


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