Top Garage Door Accidents And How A Professional Can Help Prevent Them

It is easy to assume that a garage door cannot cause any accidents, since you only operate them whenever you want to use your car. Most garage doors only require the users to press a button to open and shut them, and nothing seems dangerous and complicated.

However, though there are garage doors that have served homeowners for decades without causing an accident, it is important to realize that these doors are some of the heaviest and fastest movable parts we have in our homes. Garage doors are responsible for many deaths and serious injuries in many parts of the world, and the sad thing is that these deaths and accidents result from preventable factors.

Here are some of the most common garage door accidents, and ways through which professionals can help you to keep them at bay.

Injuries resulting from children playing

Most of the garage door accidents involve children playing. As healthy as playing is for children, it is important to make sure that they understand that the garage door is out of bounds for any of their games. If they get their hands on the remote or push the opening and closing buttons and start playing with the mechanism, then chances of causing an accident are very high.

Professionals in this case will adjust the height of the garage button to a level that the little ones cannot reach, in addition to educating the family as to the dangers associated with playing with the garage door.

Injuries caused by falling garage doors

Many things can lead to a garage door falling, whether in motion or after use. The garage door is very heavy, meaning that even an adult can get a life-threatening injury if it falls on him or her. With continued use, a garage door can develop problems that can result in a mechanical failure and cause an injury.

Professionals can help prevent such accidents when they make routine checks, so that they detect the problem before it gets serious. As the saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’, a professional will make sure to oil the movable parts, prevent rusting before it becomes an issue, fasten loose parts, and make sure that the door mechanism operates flawlessly.

Injuries resulting from DIY (Do It Yourself) jobs

Today, people everywhere are jumping on the DIY wagon and trying their best to save a few dollars on some projects at home. As great as DIY sounds, in some cases, it can do more harm than good. The Internet contains informative articles that can help an individual to repair his or her garage door. However, what most people lack are the technical skills, experience, and the knowledge to handle garage door repairs.

Professionals have the right tools, equipment, experience, knowledge, and motivation to repair or replace a garage doors without causing any accidents. Furthermore, you would be surprised to realize that in most garage door related issues, DIY jobs end up costing more than hiring professionals.

Injuries resulting from spring failure

It is very important for garage door springs to be in perfect working condition, because these can snap and result in an accident even with proper use of the garage door. Garage doors are heavy and are therefore not supposed to spend a lot of time open. Shut the garage door as long as it is not in use, since keeping it open will strain the springs and possibly ruin the mechanism.

Getting anyone who is not a professional to repair garage door springs is a really bad idea. The force behind the springs is great, and if an individual will not exercise utmost caution or use the right equipment, then he or she will be putting his or her life in danger.

Injuries resulting from racing to the door before they close

Children, and even adults sometimes try racing in or out of the garage before the doors close. As much as an understanding of the speed and time it takes to close can prevent injuries, some factors can cause a delay or reduce the racing speed, factors such as someone tripping and falling. These accidents are the easiest to prevent, and do not even require a professional to tell people not to race through the doors.

However, since some people will still want to race through the garage doors, professionals can install a safety system that will ensure that the doors do not close if they encounter resistance or sense an object on their path. The safety system can cause the garage door to either stop or reverse in order to prevent injury. A professional can install photoelectric sensors at the garage doorposts, and pressure sensors at the bottom of the door, both of which will prevent the door from closing when someone has not cleared the path of the door.


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