Three Easy Steps to Escape from Your Garage

The apocalypse has officially occurred. The power grid has shut down. Panic and pandemonium is all around you. The zombies are moaning outside for your brains. All entries to the outside of your home are barricaded with boards -except for your garage door. You are trapped like a lab rat! You thought it was just you and your wife safe in your home, but a noise inside makes you jump. You turn around expecting to see your beautiful, sweet wife, and you find that she too has just turned zombie on you! Now you must choose. Escape through your powerless garage door into the world apocalypse outside or do battle with the near and imminent danger inside. The end is near.

Actually, a more likely scenario for escaping your comfortable home through your garage is that you happen to be experiencing a simple power outage. You may also be unfortunate enough to have a broken garage door part, a burned out motor, a broken spring or faulty wiring. It may even be as simple as replacing an old battery. There could be any number of reasons you need to lift the garage door to exit. Try to fight the temptation to bust through in a panic because there is a simple solution.

If your garage door will not open for any number of reasons, you do have the ability to free yourself from this situation. This article will take you through three very simple steps on how to become an garage door escape artist in your own home.

Safety First

First, make sure you are safe and physically well. All limbs should be operational. You should not be sensing any form of balance issues like vertigo. More importantly, the door should be down. The door should be down. Once again, the door should be down before you try to disconnect the system.

This is very important for two reasons. First, if the door is up, you can walk right out. This would be your signal that something else may be wrong. Secondly, if the door is up and you are able to release the mechanical system that holds the door, there is the potential for it to fall and crush you and anything in its path. You will really have to worry about your limbs if this happens. Make sure the door is down.

Locate the Red Rope

Seriously, the people who designed our homes for the comfort of the modern family knew that we always run into issues with electronic systems that are supposed to make our lives easy. The Jetson Age is upon us. Still, we often have to resort back to manual labor. There must always be an escape plan.

Enter the Red Rope. The red rope is the built-in safety mechanism provided for these situations. Locating this rope on the trolley can literally be a life saver. You should be able to find it easily as it hangs from the center of the garage door above your head. There is an attachment point on the mechanical system that connects the trolley to the rail. The trolley is the part that remains attached to the garage door. Make sure you are stable because you are about to get your stretch on.

Pull Down and Back on the Red Rope

When you pull down and back towards the motor on the red rope, you will disconnect the trolley on the door from the attachment point. This is good. Open the door, you are free. You can now move the door up and down freely. Go for it. Try it a few times. This will be your strength training for the day.

The trolley has two positions: one for detaching and one for reattaching the door. Reconnecting the door is done simply by reversing the previous actions. Manually, you can pull down and forward on the rope to free the lever. Lift the door and reattach the trolley to the attachment point. Or if a power outage is the culprit, you can simply use your remote once the power is back on. Use the remote to activate the garage door motor. The remote will be able to slide the plate down the track until it reattaches to the trolley.

Garage doors can be tricky. Luckily, there is an easy way for us to escape our home though the garage door if it is necessary. A little Flintstone manual labor never hurt anyone, right?


About Neb Aleksic

Neb grew up in the garage door business. Since joining Doorcare he has moved up in the ranks, and now oversees a team, in addition to Doorcare's marketing efforts. He is passionate about what he does, and enjoys the small things in life.
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