The Relationship Between Professional Garage Doors And Home Security – Reasons To Go For The Pros

Have you ever heard of stories where a burglar enters a house through an open garage door? If you have not, you should know such stories exist, and they occur more often than you might think. The garage door might seem like an entrance and exit only for the car, so homeowners never think of placing the proper security measures it merits. Burglars know the access a garage offers, and are always looking for homes where the garage doors can provide an easy entryway or even an exit.

With the help of a professional, you can put up measures to ensure that your home is safe. Here are a few ways that a professional can help you with your garage security, though you also have a role to play.

Regular garage door care and maintenance cannot be overemphasized

The garage door is prone to wearing down with time and use, a situation that can leave your home vulnerable to burglars. The best people to handle any repair and maintenance needs on the garage door are experts, since they have the experience, equipment, and understanding to deal with the problem effectively.

Shut the garage door when not in use

Burglars will always be attracted to an open door, so do not put ideas in their heads. If you are one of those people who have a real problem shutting the garage door, then a professional can be of assistance. A professional will be able to set up a mechanism where the garage door will set off an alarm if it remains open for a period longer than the normal. This alarm can be an indication that you should shut the garage door, in the process keeping your home safe and secure.

Get the best garage door lighting

A well-lit garage door with the second-best locking system is much better when you compare it to a poorly lit garage door with the best locking system. Light is one of the worst enemies that burglars have, and improper garage door lighting is an invitation for them to try to mess up with the door. As a way of saving energy costs, you can set up motion sensing lights, which will light up the garage door and the compound when someone comes close to the door. Motion sensing lights make an intruder think that someone in the house has seen them, and these will repel them every time.

Handle your garage door remote with care

The garage door remote is a very convenient way of opening and shutting your garage door, a much better way compared to having to get out of the car to physically handle your opening and closing. The problem these days is that people leave their garage door remotes in their car, which is a very big problem. Assuming a car thief breaks into your car and stumbles across your garage door remote, can you think of the damage that he or she can cause? To enhance security, ask a professional to set a programmable key chain remote system for your garage door, so that it is not easy for a foreigner to open the garage door without your assistance.

Consider the door leading into the house from the garage

As much as the security of the main garage door is important, do not fail to keep the door leading into the house from the garage door secure. The material making up this door is important, since it will mean the difference between a burglar kicking it down or turning away without gaining access into the home. Consider securing the above door with a padlock or have a professional set up a burglarproof lock, and remember to keep it locked at all times whenever you are not using it. In addition, get the professionals to set you up with a peephole on this door, to help you see everything that is happening in the garage without having to open the door.

Get the latest garage doors with rolling opener codes

Very determined thieves can take the effort of getting a door code grabber, a device that can duplicate your code and give them access to your home. If you have the older version of opener codes unit, make sure to ask a professional to upgrade you to the new units that offer rolling codes. The meaning of rolling codes is that they change every time, and the determined thief outside your house with a code grabber will only be wasting his or her time. Many units in the market today offer the rolling code mechanism, and a professional will install it for you and make sure it works properly.

Get rid of any windows on the garage door

As great as a window might look on the garage door, having one will only make it easy for a burglar to enter the garage through that window. If you do not want the professional to replace your garage doors, you can have them put up window bars or you could cover them with blinds.


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