The Benefits of Retractable Awnings For Your Home


When you think of the summer months, you think of sitting out in the sun, having a drink or a meal with your family and friends, watching the kids play and enjoying the time together outdoors. What you might not think of is having a place to cool down when the heat gets to be too much. It’s also a great decorative feature for both the front and back of your home. And did you also know that having an awning can help you save energy? There are many benefits to adding this feature to both the front and back of your home. Below are just a few to get you started. Awnings are not just a large umbrellas attached to your house, but are actually quite functional as well.

Spruce Up Your Exterior

Installing a retractable awning is a great way to add a decorative element to your home’s exterior. Whether it’s the front porch, or the backyard, it’s both functional and esthetically pleasing to passers-by as well. Awnings create a defined space which you can use as a outdoor eating area, a shaded space for the kids to play, or a cozy front porch.

Rain Or Shine

Awnings are made of marine-grade weather-proof materials, which means you can sit out under the awning while it’s raining. Though there’s no guarantee you won’t get a little damp, from a torrential downpour, with a retractable awning your outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to end just because of a few drops.

A Room With A View

The way awnings are designed and installed, it doesn’t prevent you from the full benefits of your windows when you are indoors. Because of their retractable nature, these awnings can be tucked away while you’re indoors so when you look out your windows, or patio door, you can still have a perfect, unobstructed view (as before).

Patio Furniture Protection

When you live in the Lower Mainland, rain is a fact of life. But your patio furniture doesn’t have to suffer. With an awning, you can rest assured that your patio furniture, and other outdoor gear, will be protected from the wet weather during the winter and throughout the year.

Depending on the type of awning you purchase, some are actually designed to protect from harmful UV rays, which cause fading and damage, not only to skin but to furniture as well. The wear won’t be as great, which means you’ll be able to sit comfy a lot longer!


Though you can go to your local DIY centre and buy an off-the-rack awning, you can also contact companies in-and-around the Lower Mainland to have an awning custom-built specially for your home. The added expense allows the awnings to not only fit perfectly, the colours and scheme will match your outdoor decor, and you can select other upgrades as well to fit any budget. The operative word being budget of course.

Save On Your Energy Bills

There are also benefits of having awnings that no one really thinks about. Energy consumption. On those warm sunny days, your windows take quite a beating. The rays are absorbed through your windows and heat the inside of your home. This is why we often turn the air conditioners or fans on full blast during the warmest months.

By having an awning installed on your house you’ll be protecting your windows from the sun’s rays  thereby reducing the heat inside your home. As you can imagine, you won’t be using the A/C or the fan nearly as much, and your energy bills will be a little lighter as a result.


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