The Advantages of Aluminum Doors and Wood Doors


Selecting a new door for your home is an exciting process. There are numerous designs and styles to choose from to help you unleash your inner designer. Most people feel excited when choosing a new door. That is, until they reach the store and realize they need to make a fundamental decision. How can one choose between aluminum, wood doors and other options? The best way to start here is to familiarize yourself with the key differences between these two types of doors. Once you understand the basics, you can easily select the proper door that will fit all of your requirements.

Benefits of Using Wooden Doors

The finish of wooden doors is like no other. They offer decent thermal performance and the exquisite beauty that is unique to the wooden texture. Doors that are made of wood may however require more maintenance than other doors. Fortunately, this issue has been tackled by the manufacturers of these products. Manufacturers of wooden doors have taken to adding a vinyl or aluminum cladding to the door which reduces the amount of maintenance required. Some elements of wooden doors are known to stand up to the elements better than man-made materials we use to create doors today.

Wooden doors are also more customizable than most other door types. These unique doors can be specifically designed to fit any shape and size you may require. Wooden doors do not get damaged quite as easily as aluminum doors. If you have young children who play around your garage, the last thing you want is for one of them to hit the garage with their hockey puck and dent the door. With a wooden door, worrying about the kids damaging your garage door is a thing of the past.

Drawbacks of Using Wooden Doors

Wooden doors can be more expensive to maintain regardless of the measures that are taken to avoid such maintenance costs. Some of the regular maintenance a person can look forward to completing with a wooden door is staining the door, painting the door, and sealing the door. This is completely necessary to protect and prolong the life of the door. Regardless what we may think, wood is not as well insulating as other materials.

Wood is prone to mold. If you live near the water or in a climate where you get humid weather or lots of snow, you may want to rethink the wood door idea. In certain climates or weather conditions, wooden doors can decay, become moldy or even deteriorate.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Doors

The beauty with aluminum doors is that they are stronger than wooden doors. This makes them the top choice for architectural designers and commercial buildings with structural demands. Aluminum doors feature a baked-on finish that will never rust. The finish prevents the paint from ever needing to be touched up. There are loads of different finishes to choose from with aluminum doors (including wooden textures), so you can truly let your creative side show. These types of doors are very cost effective—making them one of the top choices for replacement doors today. These doors will not warp, twist, or crack which is impressive considering how beautiful they look. Aluminum doors are also lighter than other doors.

Aluminum doors are resistant to moisture, as stated before, most aluminum doors come with an oxidized coating which prevents the door from rusting. This top coating is the reason why most people choose to use aluminum doors for the exterior of their house. One of the best features of aluminum doors is that they are super strong. A door frame can be much smaller in size than older models and still hold your door in place without any problems at all.

Drawbacks to Using Aluminum Doors

Unfortunately, aluminum doors dent quite easily. They are strong when it comes to holding up their own, but when it comes to preventing those little dents and imperfections aluminum doors will not cut it. It was stated earlier on that aluminum doors have the ability to repel moisture. This is true. However, the insulation within the door itself does not repel moisture quite so easily. The drywall inside the door is compressed with the aluminum when the door is created. The entire thing is then painted over a couple of coats.

Aluminum itself does not retain moisture. The layers of drywall and paint can. Because of this, the edge of the frame can develop heavy mould growth. Repairs that are needed for this specific door type can be costly, so keeping an eye on the condition of the door and repairing anything that requires repairing immediately is a great rule to follow. Aluminum doors do come in a variety of different designs, however, they are limited as far as customization goes.

Selecting the Best Door for Your Home

Choosing between wooden doors and aluminum doors is no easy feat when you are trying to accomplish a certain visual appeal. You really need to ask yourself what you require from your door. Will your door be attaching your garage to the kitchen, for example? The location of your door will tell you a lot about what you will require from the door. When you are in doubt, it is a good idea to start by writing a list of everything you want from the door. You may need a door that is weather resistant, one that will hold up to the elements, or perhaps you simply want one that will hold up to your children. You need to decide what you require and take it from there.

Each door has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. If you are still lost, you can always ask a local professional to help you make the best possible decision for your family. Changing the look and feel of a single door in your home can really change the feel of your home. It is commonly known that people judge your home based on the curb appeal. This may not sound fair, but that is how the world works. If you are replacing your front door, take a moment to consider what the image of your home would be saying and if that is the proper message you want to get across. Sometimes people choose the cheaper option to find themselves hating their decision later on. When it comes to making a large decision like this, it is important to consider your options and ensure you are completely happy with your decision before you go ahead with the purchase.

It is quite important to plan ahead and consider all of your options before continuing with a large purchase like this. The bottom line remains that if you are not happy with the door it does not really matter what anyone else thinks of your door. You are the one who has to see it every day and you are the one who is going to be stuck doing the maintenance as well. The only way to get around doing regular maintenance is to hire a professional to do the work for you. It may cost a bit, but at least you don’t have to do the tedious stuff yourself.


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