Teaching your child about garage safety


As a parent you want to keep your children as safe as possible. Most injuries are preventable. Teaching your children the right lessons will keep them safe and protect them from unnecessary harm. They need to learn that things in your garage like the door and the opener can be dangerous and are not toys. As they get older you should teach them how to safely do things in a garage.

Both when you are doing maintenance and during everyday life there are important safety lessons you need to teach your children and remind them about. Talking to your kids about dangers in your home is the best way to keep them safe and healthy. Take the time to talk about garage safety today.

Avoid being under the door

A garage door is a heavy moving object. It can fall or open at any time. Your children should not play right next to a closed door. They should not play or be underneath an open garage door. They should not leave their toys or bikes under an open garage door. Remind them that a garage door can close at any time.

While garage doors do have sensors that should prevent them from closing on objects or people but mishaps do occur. It is best for children to know that the base of a garage door is not a safe place.

Don’t play with openers or remotes

Your children may like to play with and press buttons. Teach them that the opener and any remotes you have on your key chains are not toys. They should know that they are to be used by adults only and the never press the button unless a parent instructs them to do so. Remind them that if used improperly the door will open or close at the wrong time. This could lead to theft, someone getting locked out, injury or even death.

Keep remotes and openers in a safe place

There are many aspects to childproofing your home and habits. Store things you don’t want your children getting to in higher places they can’t reach or in areas they can’t get to. Keep your keychain on a high hook or in a high drawer if you have a remote on it. Don’t leave it lying around. Leave the opener in a safe place where only adults can get to it.

The remote on your wall should be installed up high enough that a young child can’t reach it. Put it at a height meant for an adult. If it’s too low get someone in to move it higher.

Don’t touch the door

Tell your kids that a garage door can move at any time. It may look still but that can change. There are many moving parts both in the door and the mechanisms surrounding it that can injure a hand or other body parts. Tell them about the joints and rollers. Point out the damage they can do if a finger gets stuck in them.

Make sure no kids are around when performing maintenance

When you maintain or repair your garage or garage door make sure that no children are around. They can get hurt if something unexpected happens. Have someone else look after them while you do any work.


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