Smart Garages: 3 New Technologies That Can Make Your Garages Better

When you think of updating or improving your garages, garage doors, or opening system, you might not consider the new advances in technology that are available. Computers, phones, and the internet have all reached a point where we can integrate them into almost every part of our daily lives. When it comes to remote, wireless control from your smart phones, this includes garage doors.  

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Here’s a quick guide to the three ways that this new technology can improve your doors:

Wireless Garage Openers

Wireless garage door openers have been around for decades already, but with the rise of mobile phone and Smart Home technology the concept has evolved. Now you don’t just have one or two remotes that can only open and close your home’s garage door if you’re close enough to the door. Instead, you have a whole new range of features:

  • Mobile accessibility — open and close your garage door from your phone wherever you are
  • Monitoring — check whether your door is open or closed when you’re not home
  • Guest access — share and control access with individuals to use the app to open the garage door

There are many such devices and apps that you can use that range in price and complexity. If you want something simple and cheap, or more expensive and sophisticated, you have those options. Just make sure you do your research to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Smart Home Systems

In recent years, Smart Home Systems have become more and more popular because they allow you to monitor and control various aspects of your home from your mobile phone wherever you are. Some of these systems will include your garage and garage door, and the more sophisticated systems can include the following features:

  • Integration and compatibility with full-smart home systems such as Amazon Echo and IFTTT software
  • Monitor the conditions of your garage such as temperature and energy helps you see if there are leaks in your garage using up energy
  • Battery system — some can operate even during a power outage and/or allow you to monitor the charge level for the system you have

Any Smart Home System that incorporates garages will usually include the same sort of opening control features as mentioned above, but might not be more simple than the more specialized systems. Considering most opener systems can integrate with Smart Home devices you might prefer going that route.


If the security of your home is a concern of yours, the new technology for garage doors will have something to interest you. No matter what type of garage door design you have, these new wireless, remote and automatic systems give you access to features like the following:

  • Built-in camera system — night vision, able to view camera feed remotely, automatically save footage
  • Automatic security lights — some systems come with automatic lighting sensors to scare away trespassers
  • Encryption — prevents the opening system of your garage door from being broken into

Like garage door openers, these sorts of things have already existed for a while now. The difference is that now you can get these features included or built into the same garage door or Smart Home systems mentioned above.


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