Six Affordable Upgrades for Your Garage


When it comes to home improvement, many people cringe at the thought. Home improvement is often associated with extremely high costs, but this does not have to be the reality of the matter. There are many affordable garage improvements you can do to enhance the look and feel of your garage without breaking your pocket book. The following list includes the top affordable upgrades for your garage that you can handle yourself.

1. Garage Cabinet

If you own your own home, there’s a good chance you also have a lot of tools. A cabinet may help you to organize your area so you can find whatever you are looking for with ease. Building a garage cabinet is pretty easy and will cost you between twenty to one hundred dollars depending on the finish you decide on. It will take most people approximately one day to complete this task, but you will be grateful you spent the time and effort on it once the hard work is done. There are quite a few different tutorials online you could follow to help you get the basics of building your own cabinet, but the general idea works the same way.

Basically, you want to put the main frame of the cabinet together. Secure the pieces in place with nails. Be careful not to hit your fingers with the hammer! You can purchase all the parts you will need (wood, nails, hinges etc..) from your local hardware store. The professionals at your local hardware store will be able to answer any questions you may have before you get started.

2. Toy Storage Box

If you have children, you will know that it is a full time job to try and clean up after them. A toy storage box is quite handy when it comes to organization of your child’s outdoor play equipment. Children today have lots of outdoor toys, like bubble making items and sports equipment. These items can easily clutter up your garage if they aren’t put away properly. If you put them in your home, you may lose them or forget about them and miss out on using them. A toy storage box (or a storage area in general) can aide you with this issue.

For a durable storage box, you can spend anywhere from one hundred dollars to five hundred dollars. This project is not a quick one, it will take an entire weekend (at least) to complete it; however, it is a relatively simple project to complete, so you shouldn’t have too many issues with the creation and placement of this item.

3. Shelving

Shelves are handy when it comes to organizing certain items (like car care products). It is not a very challenging task, however, it is one that is worth your time and effort. You can complete this project in one day and it is under one hundred dollars to complete. Shelving is probably one of the easiest projects you can create for your garage. When you are building a shelving unit for your garage, it is important to remember to reinforce the connecting joints. Imagine putting your heavier items on a shelf you built yourself, only to watch it all come crashing down around you. Not only is that going to create a massive mess, but you could potentially get injured in the process. Always ensure the unit you are putting things on is capable of handling the weight of the item before you put it there and walk away.

4. Set Up Some Equipment Organization

You would be surprised to know how many people overlook this simple step. Cleaning up the clutter in your garage will help the area to feel more spacious. Cleaning up will also help you to determine what kind of shelving or cabinets would suit you best depending on what you need the most. If you have a bike rack, but there are random sports equipment laying around without a place to go, you know you should focus your efforts on adding shelving instead of a new bike rack.

5. Upgrade Your Garage Door Rollers

If you have a loud or noisy garage door, this could be your chance to get rid of the racket your garage door is making. On the other hand, if you do not have a noisy garage door, it is a good idea to keep this upgrade in mind as it can help you to prevent ever having to endure a loud door. If you upgrade your metal rollers to nylon ones, you will eliminate any noise you hear while operating your garage door or prevent the noise from occurring. Installing nylon rollers is extremely cost effective when you think of how much it would cost to replace the entire garage door itself.

6. Wall Coverings

Garages have basic walls. They’re not exactly the most pleasant looking walls. Upgrading your garage walls is a great idea. Not only will this improve the overall look of your garage, but it will also help you to enhance the design flow of the room. A garage is an external part of the house in most cases. You want the decor of the interior of your garage to match your house without feeling like a continued version of the room. Decorating your walls inside your garage can make a huge difference.

For a garage that feels more like the inside of your home, you can stick to traditional wall coverings (wallpapers, paint, etc..) to enhance the look and feel. If you are one of those people that want the garage to feel like a unique entity, you can create an equally amazing design by using floor coverings instead of traditional wall coverings. Using flooring to cover your walls can create a unique feel in the garage. Putting carpet on the walls will help to insulate and sound proof the garage while using hard tiles will create less of a barrier. If you have a child that plays in a band, you may want to consider soundproofing your garage. You can create a design on the walls, or go with something simple. The possibilities are only bound by your imagination and creativity.

Working with the Flow

Taking on a large project (like organizing a garage) can be overwhelming at times. Start by taking a deep breath and try to relax. Break up your tasks one item at a time. The smaller the tasks the easier they will be to achieve. Ultimately, as you achieve each task you will begin to feel more confident about the end result. Anybody would feel overwhelmed if you look at any project in its entirety.

Don’t wing it! You want to take your time. This is your garage and you want it to look nice. If you put in half the effort you will get something that looks like you put in half the effort. It helps to plan out what you want the end result to look like. Some people are visual, and if you are one of those people you would likely benefit from roughly sketching out what you want the room to look like. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece on paper, but you want to be able to clearly see where things are going to go. Once you have done that, you can begin taking on one project at a time.

Each project should be seen as an individual project. Yes, it is part of an overall strategy, but it will help you to think of it as one project at a time (or one baby step at a time). The shelving you create can be unique to your own tastes. There are thousands of different online tutorials you can follow. If you are one of those people that like to own items that are unique to your own home, you can follow the basic design of an online tutorial and add your own touches to it.


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