Should I Add Windows To My Garage Door?

If you want to improve your current garage door or are thinking of a design for a new garage door, you might be considering whether or not to add glass windows. Windows on a garage door do have their benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to consider every aspect before you decide if they make sense for what you want. Here’s our quick guide to help you answer whether or not to add windows to your garage door.

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Benefits: Natural Light, Appearance, Cohesiveness

The benefits to having windows in your garage door mostly have to do with style and appearance that are beneficial to you personally and to the curb value of your home. Here are some specific benefits:

  • Natural light — having sunlight come into a closed garage door is more pleasing to your eye if you work inside, especially in colder months when you can’t just open it to get let natural light in
  • Appearance — having some windows break up an otherwise solid wood or metal garage door can make it look much more appealing
  • House design — from a personal and curb appeal perspective you can match the design of your garage door windows with the design of the rest of your home
  • Customization — You can pick whatever shape, size, design, color and type of glass to get the appearance and function you want

So if you really want your garage door to look a certain way to be more appealing, and to help boost its curb appeal, adding windows is a great way to accomplish that. However, you should consider some the practical drawbacks that adding windows to your garage door could create.

Drawbacks: Fragility, Privacy, Insulation

When it comes to potential problems that can arise from having windows added to your garage door, there are some that you should consider. Here are the most common issues:

  • Fragility — glass is more fragile than wood or metal or any other material you would use for a garage door and custom shaped and sized windows can be difficult to replace
  • Privacy — anyone can look through the windows with various levels of ease depending on their size, location, color and type of glass
  • Insulation — adding glass windows will reduce the effective insulation of your garage door which could affect your energy bill depending on how your garage is constructed relative to your house

Some of these issues can be mitigated either by circumstances such as your location and the layout of your house and garage, but they should be considered before you commit to adding windows to your garage door.

Conclusion: It Depends!

Whether or not you decide to add windows to your garage door really depends on balancing how much you care about the appearance of your garage door and how much of a problem the potential drawbacks will be. If you don’t care at all about how your garage door looks, or if it has natural or artificial light, then there isn’t any strong reason to have them added in the first place as there is no real practical benefit to having them.

For the drawbacks, they can be mitigated by either your circumstance or the specific design of the windows. For example, smaller sized windows are less likely to break and won’t affect the insulation as much. If your garage door is detached from your house and does not have any air conditioning or heating, you don’t need to care about the insulation at all.

You can also mitigate any privacy issues by placing the windows higher up on the door, or making them smaller, or picking a type of glass that is tinted, coloured or frosted. If your house is more private, with a long driveway that is shielded by fence, brush or trees, or even a gate then you also wouldn’t need to care about windows affecting privacy.


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