Safety Tips For Your Electric Garage Door


Sure it might sound weird to say that you need to keep your garage doors safe, but if you think about it, it’s a key entry-point into your home. It’s also one of the largest (if not the largest) piece of electrical moving equipment in your home and with anything electric, malfunctions can occur if precautions aren’t taken regularly.

Here are just a few simple things to keep in mind and do in order to ensure your garage door stays secure and safe for years to come.

Keep Your Doors Closed

It goes without saying that you would never leave your front door or patio door open, so why would you leave your garage door open? It’s an easy entry point into your home and allows thieves insight into what you’re storing in your garage and what you might have inside. Not to mention rodents and insects can easily crawl into small cracks, so be sure your door closes all the way to avoid any issues down the road.

Emergency Door Release Features Work

All electric garage doors have an emergency release feature which allows you to open the door even if your door opener ceases to function. The emergency release is also crucial if something horrible should happen and can save a life. Be sure to read your owner’s manual to understand exactly how your particular door’s release feature works and teach everyone in your family.

Teach Your Kids About Safety

Coming home from school or playing on the driveway with friends, kids use the garage just as often as parents. It’s therefore important to ensure your entire family is aware of the risks of electric doors and teach them how the doors operate to prevent any future injuries.

Test The Door’s Movement

To ensure the doors are moving properly and the mechanics aren’t jammed, the door can open and close without a hitch, the door is balanced on its tracks and there are no signs of loose cables or damage. Remember: if there are any issues with the pulleys and springs, these are very dangerous and should only be repaired by professionals.

Safety Features In Check

Be certain the auto-stop and reverse feature of your garage door functions normally. You can use items like your children’s soccer or basketball, as well as other smaller items like paper towel rolls and books. Once placed in the path of the door, the door should not only stop immediately, but automatically reverse. If it does not, this means you need to contact a repair company in order to have it fixed right away.

Lighting and Organization Count

Just because you store you car and might not spend much time in your garage is no reason you shouldn’t keep it clean and organized. Again, rodents and insects are attracted to garbage so even if you keep your garbage in the garage, make sure the lids are sealed tight. If your garage plays double-duty and also functions as storage, try to keep it organized. You wouldn’t want boxes falling all over the place, tripping over tools and other items that could cause you and your family harm. And to help avoid any problems, have more than the automatic garage door light in the garage so you can clearly see what’s going on.

Fix Any and All Problems

If anything should break, damage or just not work properly, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible before anything serious happens. The garage door is most often used as the main point of entrance so having any issues can translate into bigger problems if not taken care of immediately.


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