Residential Garage Doors – How to Compare your Options

While some people enjoy the process of selecting residential garage doors, others don’t know the first thing about what they are doing. Although you may lack the knowledge to make a quick decision, it doesn’t mean that you are incapable of learning.
Despite the fact that there are many options to consider, if you focus on these three details you will soon be making a decision:
1. Price. When you know how much you want to spend, it will likely knock some options off your list. This alone can make your decision much easier.
2. Material. What is the door made of? Some will opt for a high class, high quality wood carriage door while others will go with something more traditional such as a steel or aluminum door. The choice is yours, just make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of each material.
3. R value. This is a detail that has become more and more popular with each passing year. The R value of a door measures the energy efficiency. The higher the number the more efficient the door is.
Along with these three details, don’t overlook the importance of the manufacturer. You want to choose a garage door company that only works with the best manufacturers in the industry. This way, you know you are not making a bad choice.
Even if you are not overly excited about replacing your residential garage doors, when you focus on price, material, and energy efficiency the final decision will be an easy one.


About Ziad Nasrallah

Ziad Nasrallah is the General Manager of Ottawa Foundation Contractors. He is involved in the day-to-day operations and speaks directly with customers who contact OFC looking to repair their home's foundation because of a crack or a leak. When it comes to your home's foundation, Ziad is truly an expert and lives by the motto that 'trust is our Foundation.'
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