Redesigning Your Garage for Hobbies and Recreation


You can use your garage in a variety of ways. Most people are happy to use it to park the car to prevent it from weather conditions and debris and also to lower the risk of a break-in. You may also use your garage as a place of storage, somewhere where you can stow your tools, the kid’s bicycles, sports equipment, lawnmowers and grills during the off-season.

However, your garage can become so much more than that. You can actually convert the space into one for hobbies and recreation. If you already use your garage for one of the purposes above, this may require some gutting and new storage requirements. If you just moved into a new home and want to use your garage as a place of fun, you can begin today.

Assess Your Hobbies and Options

First of all, before you do anything, decide what recreational purpose that you want your garage to serve. Maybe you desire a retreat where you can watch sports that would include a comfortable couch, a big screen television, and a mini bar or mini fridge. Maybe you don’t want a man cave, but a place where your kids can come and relax after school. It would include a spot to play video games, a foosball table, and maybe even a pool table.

Beyond that, you can also indulge your hobbyist side. If you enjoy working on and restoring cars, a garage can present the perfect atmosphere for you to do your work. Similarly, if you enjoy working on other types of vehicles, whether they’re ATVs or motorcycles, you can do that here. Your hobbies may include woodworking. The garage presents a great spot for this,å as you won’t have to worry about bothering your family with loud noises or smells from paint or primer.

Whatever your hobby, now’s the time to pick what it is. You have to stick with that plan too. A space devoted to working on cars also probably can’t house a recreational space for your teenagers or yourself. That means that you have to discuss with your family what they want the most. Make sure that everyone feels good about the decision.

Create a Design Structure

Next, you have to design your new space. Take a few concessions into mind, such as where everything in the garage will be located. Once you set up your garage, you should have no difficulty walking comfortably around without bumping into a TV or a pool table. Create a design that leaves room to move.

If you have to gut your garage, you should take this time to inspect the naked space. Double-check that all the electricity remains wired properly and make sure that you don’t see any huge, visible cracks in the foundation of the garage. If you do, you’ll need to repair these. If you just bought a new house and the garage remains empty, this inspection should take a lot less time. You probably won’t have to do any repairs.

Set a Budget

Next, before you go any further in making your dreams of a hobbyist or recreational garage a reality, you must set up a budget. You have to take many different parts of this garage plan into consideration when doing this. First of all, as mentioned above, you now know if you need to do any garage repairs. If you do, you should consider this as a part of your budget.

What purposes that you plan to use your garage for also influences the budget. If you want to add in expensive additions like a television set, then you should budget accordingly. Foosball tables, video game consoles, and pool sets also tend to cost a lot of money. You may want to start with one of these additions and then gradually buy more over time, like for your kid’s birthdays or during the holidays.
If you want to use the space to work on cars though, this may cost less. Obviously, you will already have the vehicle that you intend to restore in your possession. This should not count as a part of the budget. However, any component that constitutes your workshop would become a part of the budget. Decide what you can and can’t afford and go from there.

Make Your Purchases

Once you make your budget, review it with the family. Then, you can start shopping. You can take advantage of smartphone apps that allow you to shop for the lowest price on any given item to save extra money. Also take advantage of sales and discounts that some shops offer. You may want to shop seasonally to try and land these deals. Remember, you don’t have to buy everything at once no matter what you want to use your garage for. Gradual additions allow you to space out your spending and have something to look forward to.

Regardless of whether you buy every addition for your new garage space all at once or over time, make sure that you don’t exceed the budget.

Set Up the Space

Lastly, set up the objects and items that you buy according to the design plan that you and your family already mapped out. Everything may not fit exactly, and you should expect a few deviations from the original plan. However, overall, if you properly measured out the garage space and accounted for the size of whatever additions that you have in there, the garage should look pretty much identical to your design plan.

From there, you can begin enjoying your new and redesigned garage right away. Prepare for much more family togetherness as well as a chance to really unwind and do the activities and hobbies that you truly enjoy. A recreational or hobbyist garage can truly make you happy.


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