Doorbell cameras, or “smart” doorbells, offer homeowners a certain type of peace of mind that regular doorbells never could. They allow homeowners to speak with people but more importantly they can actually “see” them as they arrive. Something intercoms never could do on their own. They can also be set up so you receive notifications when you’re not home.

Depending on the model and manufacturer of the product, some of these smart doorbells even allow you to individualize your ring tone (just like you would for your smart phone) and use one of your favourite songs, uploaded as an MP3 file.


  1. Smart doorbells are connected to wifi which is how they are able to provide all these services when you’re at home, or away. This means you’ll need to have a reliable connection that reaches your front and/or back doors (or wherever you choose to install your new doorbell.
  1. Because this is a new sort of technology, only recently out in the marketplace, you’ll find these products are all sold from new companies that aren’t that well established yet. This doesn’t mean that the product isn’t great, it just means the experts and consumers haven’t had much time to weigh in on the pros and cons of each. But if you’re an early adopted of new technology, this is definitely something you’ll want to try out. Let’s face it, everyone was hesitant when Palm Pilots came out, but look at how that evolved into smart phones and tablets.
  1. With a price-point of around the $200 to $300 mark depending on the model, it’s affordable given the technology it provides. Although this might not seem like a lot of money for some people, it might be for others. And given the fact that the technology itself is relatively new and untested, there is a small chance you may not be entirely happy with some first-generation models.

Some Key Features

Note: not all these features are available on all models, so it’s important to read up on the different models available and see which features are most important for you and your home.

– Adjustable wide-angle camera allow for a better view.

– Two-way communication device allows you to both see and talk to your guests as they arrive.

– The system connects to your smartphone to advise you of arrivals even if you’re not home, and from anywhere in the world (as long as your smartphone is connected to wifi).

– Theft-proof guarantee and replacement if stolen. (Not for all devices.)

– Powered with a built-in/integrated battery or can be connected through the wiring of your current doorbell.

– With a motion sensor, you’ll be alerted once someone arrives, without even having them push the button.

– Advanced feature recognizes frequent visitors, and you can set the system so it alerts you when specific people arrive.

– Pre-recorded messages can be set for specific visitors (think: unsolicited campaigners), and you can also record a ‘do not disturb’ message for those people.


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