Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Performing a monthly or annual inspection of your garage door and opener system is a smart way to spot a potentially critical and costly problem early so you can have it repaired as soon as possible. You can inspect your garage door and opener by opening and closing the door and paying close attention to what you see and hear. Garage door and opener systems can be expensive and dangerous, and trying to tinker with the chain, cables, and tracks without experience can lead to serious injury or even death.  



When you see the garage door still or moving, make sure you look at each part and component for any signs of wear and tear. For some parts you might have to look more closely, but visible signs like these are arguably the most worrisome and the ones you should have repaired right away. Here are common visible signs to look for:

  • Sagging — make sure no part of the door sags inward or else there might be a reinforcement problem
  • Cracks — make sure no components have any visible cracks
  • Rust — make sure no components show any rust or wear

Make sure you look at the door panels, the tracks and the rollers, the chain or cable, the mounting mechanisms and the electric opener if you use one. Also check to make sure that the door opens and closes smoothly.


Another way to discover a sign of potential issues with your door is simply by standing and listening while the door is opened and closed. If you have an electric opener you can just use that, but if it is manually opened and closed get someone to do it for you so you can focus on listening. Here are common issues you might hear:

  • Rattling — if you hear rattling then there’s a loose component somewhere
  • Screeching — the tracks or rollers might be broken or dried out
  • Grinding — if you hear grinding the motor or movement components might be misaligned or breaking down

Move to different areas so you are closer to the different components of the door’s sections and mechanisms, that way you can more easily hear any problems with each part. Try it a few times to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Energy Bill

A more subtle way you might notice signs that something with your garage door needs repairs is by checking your energy bill. Garages tend to allow the most heat or cooling, and therefore energy, to escape from your home out of any other part of your house. So if there are problems with your garage door that exacerbates this problem, you’ll probably see a spike in your energy bill. Here are things to check for:

  • Door panels — check for cracks or holes in the door itself
  • Sealing — make sure the sealing around the door isn’t cracked or missing
  • Closing — make sure the door fully closes and doesn’t leave a gap for air to get in and out

These issues can be very subtle and ones you might not notice on normal inspection. Make sure you look very closely or have a garage door professional inspect it for you. Repairing any of these issues not only ensures a longer life for your garage door but should also help you directly save money on your energy bill. Fill out this form to get a free quote now.

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How To Maintain an Automatic Garage Door Opener

Every homeowner knows that every part of the house requires proper and routine maintenance, and with an automatic garage door opener, this is especially true. The garage door components themselves can be expensive, and with the goods you keep in your garage—such as your cars—the last thing you want is for a big accident to cost you a lot of money to repair and replace. Here’s a quick guide on proper routine maintenance for your automatic garage door opener.


Make Sure Nothing Is Loose

First, make sure all the nuts, bolts and screws holding it all together are tightened as the constant use and vibrations over the months and years will loosen some of them. If you want to get an idea of what areas might be loose, open and close your garage door and listen for any signs of rattling. Here are the main parts to look out for:

  • Hinges—for each section of the garage door that holds them together
  • Brackets—any brackets holding the chain, cable, or other components together or to the walls, floor or ceiling
  • Anchoring plates—the parts that keep the tracks in place
  • Mountings—such as for the safety reversal sensor that triggers the auto-reverse

Those are the parts more likely to come loose and are more important to stay tightened. If you let various components come loose, it’s more likely that something will break off or accumulate greater wear and tear. You can also check all the handles and more minor components while you’re at it.

Inspect the Rollers & Tracks

The next important components to inspect are the rollers and tracks. They should be inspected twice a year and replaced every five to seven years, depending on how often you open and close the garage door. To test them, disconnect the door from the motor and try opening or closing the door manually. It should feel smooth, but if it catches or feels too tough you should check the following:

  • Wear and tear—look for bends, chips, cracks or rust on the tracks and rollers
  • Lubrication—make sure the tracks and rollers are properly lubricated
  • Chain or cables—check the links or strands for signs of wear especially near the bottom roller

For the chains or cables, they are very high tension so it is strongly advised that you only inspect and do not try and touch or fix them yourself. You could get seriously injured or killed, so call a professional for any repairs and maintenance.

Check The Automatic Motor

The last part of the door you should look at is the motor and its components. There are a lot more moving parts with this, but there is still some quick and basic maintenance that you should perform at least semi-regularly:

  • Batteries—check the charge of the batteries in the motor and any buttons, remotes, or safety sensor
  • Safety-reverse—test that the auto-reverse works as it should so you know it won’t accidentally close on your car or family
  • Limit screws—adjust the screws on the motor if the door fails to fully open
  • Motor components—while the motor is running listen for sounds of grinding, whining, or metal-on-metal

The motor components might be the most tricky to fix if there is an issue, but you might be able to do some basic maintenance such as lubrication or cleaning away debris. For more complicated problems, contact a professional to look at it to avoid causing further damage if you are inexperienced.

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4 Affordable Ways to Renew a Garage for Spring


Worried that your garage is looking a little drab when the winter seasons have finished with it? It’s a perfectly valid concern. A grungy-looking garage can be a neighborhood embarrassment, and a poor appearance can make it more difficult for you to sell your home for the price you want. Restoring the look of your garage can improve its curb appeal, and get you the price you want when you sell your home.

Of course, restoring your garage can be a very expensive proposition, and that may not be in your budget. For this article, we wanted to focus on some of the most budget-sensitive ways that you can make a serious improvement in the look of your garage.

Here are the most affordable ways to get your garage completely ready for Spring.

Thorough Gutter Cleaning

You may not always notice this one when you’re looking at your garage, but the look of the gutters plays a very large part in the overall look of your garage. If you can look up and see leaves and sticks popping out of your gutters, you can be sure that those who have passed by have also noticed. Gutter water can also stagnate and begin to overflow and drip onto your garage.

It’s not usually very expensive to clean your gutters. You can hire a professional to do it, but it’s easy enough to do yourself if you have the right equipment. A tall ladder, some waterproof clothing and some good gloves are all you really need to restore the look of your garage gutters, and that won’t cost you very much at all.

A Pressure Washer Spray Down

If you want to take advantage of a small budget, without expanding to a large one, you can consider having a pressure cleaning crew come in. There are several spots around your garage that can probably benefit from a good spray with a pressure cleaner or sandblaster.

Consider your garage door or the garage walls first. If you have a lot of mildew and grime built up on the walls, it will probably be removed very easily by pressure washers. If your building doesn’t have any problems, then consider spraying down the driveway itself. You may be surprised how clean you can make your driveway if you haven’t had it cleaned in several years.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

This won’t cost you much more than a pressure washing job will, but it can also make a really big difference. Old paint jobs tend to lose their color, and the uniformity of the look can be ruined by flaking that develops in wet or cold weather. If your garage is looking bad, some new paint may be all it needs.

This can be really affordable if you don’t mind handling it yourself. Even the larger ones won’t take more than a few cans of paint, and it will be even cheaper if you’re willing to do the painting yourself. If you’re not, you still shouldn’t expect to pay very much for a single garage.

A Visit for General Maintenance

Restore the look of your garage by dealing with all those nagging problems that you’re having with your garage door. Annoying noises and bad alignment can also make your garage door seem less appealing, but our proud garage door repair pros can help you with those kinds of problems.

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Fix a Garage that Won’t Open in Time to Get to Work


Stuck Garage Door

You’ve woken up one morning, bright and early to go to work, and you find out that your garage won’t respond to the opener. What an inconvenience! Fortunately, problems like this can be fixed very easily with the right expertise, and the talented garage door techs at Doorcare have no shortage of the right expertise.

If you should find that you run out of time while trying to repair this problem yourself, you can try calling our location in Langley, British Columbia. We offer residential repair services starting very early in the morning, and our vans can get out to your home very quickly if they aren’t currently helping other customers. Let us try to get you to work on time.

If you’re ready to try it yourself first, you can begin with the opener.

Step 1: Check the Batteries in the Garage Door Clicker

You’d be surprised how often the simplest solution is the one that is most easily overlooked. Your garage door opener likely runs on batteries and a failure to respond can mean nothing more than evidence that the time has come to install fresh ones. If you have new batteries, or some that are the correct size working in another device, try popping them out and placing them into your garage door opener.

This is most likely the case if your garage door doesn’t even make noises or flash when you attempt to use the clicker. Unfortunately, the solutions can become more expensive if this is your problem, but not your solution.

Step 2: Determine Whether the Door Can Be Moved

Now that you know the opener isn’t responsible for the unmoving door, it’s time to check for an obstruction. Your garage door should move easily up and down whether the opener is in operation or not. Modern safety systems may not allow the door to move if there is too much resistance to the operation from any source, and that may be why your garage door isn’t working now.

If you can’t open the garage door at all, it’s likely this is your problem. If you have some type of locking mechanism, make sure that it is completely disengaged when you attempt to open the doors. If it is, your garage door may be catching on something, or have debris caught up in the machinery. Search for the place along the frame where the garage door is catching, and remove the obstacle if it is safe and possible for you to do so.

Step 3: Determine Whether the Opener is Receiving Power

If your garage door stubbornly refuses to open even when you’ve performed the previous steps, it’s time to consider that the opener itself may be malfunctioning. The first thing you need to do is verify that it’s receiving power. If you have one, you can use a voltage reader to determine if the line feeding the garage door is live. If the right amount of power if being sent through, problems get more complicated.

Garage door openers can fail for a variety of mechanical reasons. Check your ownership manual to find out if it’s possible to reset or troubleshoot the device itself. If that doesn’t help, the garage opener may itself need repairs before operation can continue.

No Luck? Call our team for extra help.

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Ask Our Experts about Garage Security


Garage Door Opener

Get all your answers about garage doors from the people who know! We’ve covered many topics lately, and this one is particularly important as we start to move into the spring and summer seasons.

From cars and bikes to premium lawn equipment and other valuables, the garage is a thief’s dream. All the better for the enterprising criminal that garage doors are rarely secured as well as houses. If you’re concerned about break-ins, you may want to check out these common questions and answers about improving garage security.

How do thieves break into garages?

Assuming you or your children didn’t simply leave your garage open—not to insult your intelligence, it’s simply one of the most common ways thieves walk off with garage treasures—several different entry points may be used.

Garage doors themselves are often left unlocked, so thieves may try simply opening the door. If that doesn’t work, side doors and windows may also be checked. Keeping all of these locked is a great first step to protect your garage. Dangers can also come from outside your garage.

Garage door openers may be stolen when vehicles are broken into, and if the thief finds the address, may result in a discreet garage break-in several days later. It’s best to keep your door padlocked from the inside when you are not leaving for the day, or plan to leave home for several days.

Can my type of garage door play a role?

Yes, it can. There are many different kinds of garage doors available, and some are going to be more resistant against break-ins that others. While most types of doors are going to be resistant against problems, you should also consider the role of your garage door opener and the wireless system used to open it.

Openers work on a range of different frequencies, and some of these frequencies can overlap so that openers work on different doors than they were intended. Some thieves have learned to open garage doors by using openers that have variable frequency, and waiting for a match. Traditional locks from the inside of the garage can prevent this problem.

What additional security features are available?

Many of the best ways to secure your garage can be installed separately. Motion-activated lights around the garage door entrances will deter most troublemakers. If you’ve had a problem with garage break-ins in your area, you may want to move up to additional security features like an alarm. Both of these devices are relatively inexpensive and offer a lot of protection.

If you have custom security needs, you may be able to benefit from a long conversation with one of our expert installers. Our experience with both domestic and commercial installations means we’re used to dealing with special needs. We can help you choose a garage door package that offers the most in security.

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Ask Our Experts: What’s Wrong with My Garage Door Opener?


A misbehaving garage door opener can be incredibly frustrating. Unlike other parts of the door, you’re not going to be able to look around for something that’s shaken loose or worn out. You’re working with some electronics now, and that means the problems get a lot more complicated.

Never fear, however. Our experts are here to take you through some of the most common garage door problems, and the simple solutions that will save you grief in the future.

There’s no response at all

That’s always a tough one. The problem could be as simple as a dead battery, and replacing it is the first thing you should try before more expensive solutions. If that doesn’t work, a garage door repair expert will be able to tell you whether you need a new clicker or a new opener.  

My opener works to open the door, but won’t respond when I try to close it

That sounds like a problem with your photo eyes. These are a safety feature that prevents the garage door from closing when there is an obstruction in the way. As long as the beam from the first eye meets the second eye, the door will open. This won’t happen if the beam isn’t working, or if the beam has been moved.

The door opens and closes throughout the day even when the opener is not used

Don’t worry, your home probably isn’t haunted. We’ve had this happen to many of our customers, and it’s almost always an issue with frequencies. If two houses close to one another are using a similar frequency, the garage door openers can work on both homes. We can reset the frequency for you.

I hear the engine running, but it shuts off after several seconds without opening the door

First, check to make sure that your door isn’t one of those models with an easily-activated lock. Some locking mechanisms can be shaken into place by the initial operation of the motor. If that’s not the problem, the issue may be a lot more serious. It’s possible that the door could be obstructed, or that the springs that operate the door have snapped.

I broke my opener. How do I get a new one?

Nearly all licensed garage door repair companies, including Doorcare, can help you locate new openers from the original manufacturer of your device. We can have it set to the frequency you already use, or help you calibrate it to work for your garage door when it arrives.

Is it worth it to repair broken openers, or better to replace them?

Many of the most common garage door opener problems can be repaired by an expert. Please call our rapid-response team in if you’re having a problem with your own door. We pride ourselves on fast and affordable services in the greater B.C. area.

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