Garage Door Repair or Adjustment: Which One Does Your Door Need?

If you have a problem with your garage door, you might be wondering if it is a simple problem that can be solved by an adjustment or something more serious that requires a complicated repair job. Sometimes it will depend on the type of garage door or opening system you have, and might also be specific to the components. We wrote this quick guide to help you determine that based on the more common garage door problems you might face.

My Garage Door Is Unbalanced

This is a problem for garage doors that use a motor to open and close vertically. Disengage the motor to determine if your garage door is properly balanced or not. When you leave the door half-open and it either opens or closes by itself, your door is unbalanced. There could be a couple of reasons for why and both are related to types of springs your opening system might use:

  • Torsion springs — can be fixed by an adjustment but doing so is extremely dangerous and should be done by professionals
  • Extension springs — they stretch along the tracks can be carefully adjusted by home owners but can be difficult to adjust properly

If you notice that your door is unbalanced you should have it re-adjusted quickly, as the strain on your door and the opening system shortens its lifespan. If you wait too long, you’re just paying more money for repairs or replacements in the future.

Garage Door Track Problems

There are a number of problems that the tracks for your garage door can have that will make it difficult or impossible for your garage door to open. Some of them can be resolved by adjusting the tracks. Replacing the components holding them together will require a more thorough repair job. Here are a few of the common issues:

  • Misaligned tracks — if it’s just difficult to open and close the door, you can try re-adjusting the track and mounting, if it’s more severe it will likely need repair
  • Debris build up — small objects, dust, dirt, and other debris can build up in the track and can be fixed yourself with some cleaning and re-adjustments
  • Bent tracks — if the tracks themselves are physically bent you will need to have them repaired or replaced professionally to make sure they’re straight enough to operate properly

You can test out if there are any of the above issues with your tracks by disengaging the door from the motor and trying to manually open and close it. If there is any resistance, or a screeching noise, when you do—that’s likely a problem you need to have addressed.

My Garage Door Won’t Fully Close

If you have a problem with your door not being able to fully close, it could be a few types of problems depending on the type of door you have. Here are some of the more common issues:

  • Limit switch — your automatic opener might need to be adjusted if it is preventing the door from fully closing
  • Door binding — if something is physically stopping the door from closing all the way it could be a serious issue with your track, rollers, or opening motor that will need complete repair or replacement
  • Safety sensor — you might need to adjust your safety sensor to make sure it is aligned properly and that it is clear from debris or other blockages

Keep a close eye and ear on your door when it gets to the point where it stops closing. You might see or hear what causes it to stop, get stuck, or start closing back up. If you can’t figure out the issue, call a professional to help diagnose and fix the it.

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Smart Garages: 3 New Technologies That Can Make Your Garages Better

When you think of updating or improving your garages, garage doors, or opening system, you might not consider the new advances in technology that are available. Computers, phones, and the internet have all reached a point where we can integrate them into almost every part of our daily lives. When it comes to remote, wireless control from your smart phones, this includes garage doors.  

home garage doors

Here’s a quick guide to the three ways that this new technology can improve your doors:

Wireless Garage Openers

Wireless garage door openers have been around for decades already, but with the rise of mobile phone and Smart Home technology the concept has evolved. Now you don’t just have one or two remotes that can only open and close your home’s garage door if you’re close enough to the door. Instead, you have a whole new range of features:

  • Mobile accessibility — open and close your garage door from your phone wherever you are
  • Monitoring — check whether your door is open or closed when you’re not home
  • Guest access — share and control access with individuals to use the app to open the garage door

There are many such devices and apps that you can use that range in price and complexity. If you want something simple and cheap, or more expensive and sophisticated, you have those options. Just make sure you do your research to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Smart Home Systems

In recent years, Smart Home Systems have become more and more popular because they allow you to monitor and control various aspects of your home from your mobile phone wherever you are. Some of these systems will include your garage and garage door, and the more sophisticated systems can include the following features:

  • Integration and compatibility with full-smart home systems such as Amazon Echo and IFTTT software
  • Monitor the conditions of your garage such as temperature and energy helps you see if there are leaks in your garage using up energy
  • Battery system — some can operate even during a power outage and/or allow you to monitor the charge level for the system you have

Any Smart Home System that incorporates garages will usually include the same sort of opening control features as mentioned above, but might not be more simple than the more specialized systems. Considering most opener systems can integrate with Smart Home devices you might prefer going that route.


If the security of your home is a concern of yours, the new technology for garage doors will have something to interest you. No matter what type of garage door design you have, these new wireless, remote and automatic systems give you access to features like the following:

  • Built-in camera system — night vision, able to view camera feed remotely, automatically save footage
  • Automatic security lights — some systems come with automatic lighting sensors to scare away trespassers
  • Encryption — prevents the opening system of your garage door from being broken into

Like garage door openers, these sorts of things have already existed for a while now. The difference is that now you can get these features included or built into the same garage door or Smart Home systems mentioned above.

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Guide to Choosing Your Garage Door Materials

If you’re trying to decide on a new garage door for your home, finding the right material goes a long way towards getting a door that fits what you want. There are several choices of materials to consider, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. We wrote this quick guide on four of the more common materials you can choose from for your garage door.

garage doors


Garage doors made of steel are all about function. They tend not to as interesting other materials can, and they don’t allow for much customization. The main risk for them is rust, but inspecting it occasionally is enough to help you spot and deal with any signs of rust that come up. Here are the advantages:

  • They are incredibly strong and resistant to dents and other superficial damage
  • They are low maintenance and do not require frequent cleaning or painting
  • They tend to be cheaper than other materials

For best quality, make sure you pick the correct thickness of galvanized steel. Thinner sheets mean they are more prone to dents and other damage, and while they might be cheaper to buy you’re getting exactly what you pay for.


Wood garage doors represent the other side of the coin compared to steel. They allow for much greater customization and styles for garage doors but will be more expensive and require more maintenance to make sure they last. However, the return on investment is that they have better curb appeal and you may get some of the cost back if you ever sell. Here are the other benefits:

  • Very strong and durable especially when the wood is treated, finished and maintained
  • Natural aesthetic is much more appealing and better curb appeal
  • Lots of different woods to use allows you to pick a design, fiber and color you like best

Make sure you research the various types of wood available to use for garage doors so you know the advantages and disadvantages of each. That way you can pick the right type for what you want.


Garage doors made of fiberglass tend to be a bit of a middle ground between steel and wood while taking the best aspects of both materials. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It is usually less expensive than pure wood
  • It allows for lots of customization like wood
  • It can be mixed with steel to be more durable and require less maintenance than wood
  • It is a very light material even mixed with steel

The downside is that fiberglass doesn’t last as long, as it tends to start turning yellow and will break after long enough time. It also doesn’t provide as much insulation as other materials, and is also more brittle in colder climates making it a better material for not ideal for areas that have harsh winters.


Aluminum is best for larger sized garage doors, but has some drawbacks. It is one of the most expensive materials, and is more prone to scratches and dents than other artificial materials. However, it does have some benefits:

  • Newer types are made with insulation cores to help you save on your energy bill
  • It is very lightweight making it easier to open and it doesn’t strain as much when being used
  • New types with laminated panels make them more dent and scratch resistant
  • They are one of the lower-maintenance materials

So if you have a bigger sized door, having a lighter material with better insulation means it won’t be a pain to open and won’t cost you as much on your energy bill. They can come with a variety of choices for colors and finishes too, and often include glass windows.

If you’re unsure about what material would work best for what you want, you can contact us for a free consultation and we’ll give you a quote.

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4 Reasons You Should Never Forget About Your Garage Door Insulation

When you’re thinking about buying a new garage door for your home, insulation might not be high on your list of priorities to consider. However, your choice of insulation for the door is just as important as the material, design, and opening mechanism. The general reason is that the insulation will have an impact on your garage and your home. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t forget to consider your door’s insulation.

Avoid Infestation

Because of the usual makeup and climate of a garage, it is a very desirable location for various bugs and other pests to make their home. They’re easier to access and there is usually a lot of stuff for them to hide in, behind, and under.

What is the point and functionality of insulation? It seals the garage door to prevent anything, even air, from leaking in and out of the garage. If it can keep air out, it can certainly keep out even the smallest of bugs to help you avoid dealing with any infestations and the potential damage that they can cause.

Prevent Moisture Damage

The other things that a well-sealed insulated garage door can keep out are dirt, water and moisture. Think of what it is you use your garage for and the types of things you might store in it, then think of what water, dirt and moisture can do to all of those things if it gets into your garage:

  • Water and moisture damage
  • Equipment clogged and damaged by dirt and debris
  • Mold, mildew, or other organisms and bacteria

The better your insulation and weather sealing, the better protection your garage and the contents stored within it have from all of these potential damage and health risks.

Strengthen Your Door

Another benefit that insulation has is that it provides greater strength and reinforcement. Simply put, a door with a single layer of wood or steel material is not as strong as two layers of material with insulation in the middle. Here’s how it works:

  • It makes the skin of the garage door less likely to be dented
  • It makes the garage door more rigid, reinforced, thick and durable
  • It makes the door lighter than just making the door out of one layer as thick as it is reinforced with insulation

All of these benefits help you avoid maintenance time and costs for both your garage door and what is kept behind it.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

The fourth benefit of a well-insulated garage door is saving you money on your energy bill. This is because garages are usually the worst-insulated part of your home, and therefore the biggest source of wasted energy. Garages tend not to be as well insulated in general, and the doors in particular have this problem in addition to lack of good sealing when closed.

Cold air and outside heat that enters into your garage also enters into the room next to it if your garage is not properly insulated. Therefore, your furnace or air conditioning will have to work harder to regulate your home’s internal temperature. Whereas, a properly insulated door will help keep your energy bill down, since you don’t need to use as much energy to heat or cool your home.

If you are considering install a new garage door or adding insulation to your existing door, contact Doorcare’s garage door experts for a free quote.

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3 Custom Garage Door Design Ideas for 2017

If you want to do something different with your home’s design, one way is to replace your traditional garage door with a custom one. There are lots of styles, colours, materials, and structures you can choose from, but here are three of our favourites for 2017.


Custom Carriage Doors

A custom carriage garage door can be a great combination of style and functionality. You can choose from a range of woods with their different qualities and colour, and they are usually shipped with a natural finish. They are made with three layers: wood on the inside and outside, with a layer of insulation in between. These types of doors have some great benefits:

  • Visual appeal — the wooden materials are extremely stylish and you can use whatever stain you want to get the right finish
  • Energy efficiency — the insulation within the door itself helps prevent outside air from getting inside improving the energy efficiency of your home’s HVAC system
  • Durability — well-made custom carriage doors can be incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Property value — With all of the above benefits you will also boost the property value of your home

Custom wood carriage doors are one of the most popular types of custom garage doors. With the different choices of wood and stain finish you can make sure that it matches the style of the rest of your home.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass is a great material to use for a custom garage door, and it is becoming a more popular material to work with. Compared to wood or metal, fiberglass provides better insulation for even greater energy efficiency. They are more durable, and because of their durability, they have more flexibility for customizations, such as ornate but heavy metal handles. Here are further customizations:

  • Patterns — despite being fiberglass, you can still get it with various wood-grain designs for better visual appeal
  • Panels — choose various sizes and patterns of panels that match the rest of your home’s design
  • Colour — select from a large number of colours and tones
  • Window Panes — for additional style and lighting you can pick multiple window pane designs

The downfall for fiberglass, when compared to other wood materials, is that it doesn’t quite have as much visual appeal. Even if you can make it look like wood most people will still notice the difference.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Another type of custom garage doors are ones that are side-opening, rather than vertical overhead doors. Rather than have the door with wheels and tracks that open straight up and down, you have hinges on the side and pull or push the door open and closed. They might not be as common as overhead garage doors, but they do have some advantages:

  • Maintenance — with fewer moving or mechanical parts there is less than can go wrong and problems with the hinges are easier to fix
  • Access — easily enter and leave the garage if you aren’t parking your car because you don’t have to wait for the door to open and close
  • Styles — other custom style options like glass windows or ornate handles will make the doors look more stylish

You can have a side-hinged garage door made from any material and design, whether it’s made of wood, fiberglass, or metal. This will help you to boost your home’s curb appeal, since they look much nicer than overheard doors.

Like many people, you may have buying questions about various garage doors. If you’d like to speak to a professional, then you can also contact your local neighborhood garage door experts.

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Complete Guide to Choosing Overhead Commercial Garage Doors

Choosing a type of commercial garage door might not seem like that important of a decision, but depending on the nature of your business and needs it can wind up being an expensive mistake in top of an inconvenience. Here’s a guide to help you decide what the best type of commercial door is for your business.



If it is important for your business to have the best in insulation you should consider commercial doors with the highest R-Levels of insulation for every part of the year. The benefits of such doors include the following:

  • Energy efficiency — you spend less on keeping the inside of your building properly heated or cooled
  • Wind load resistance — prevents destructive wind pressure on your doors to ensure greater durability
  • Air infiltration — prevents air from entering or escaping your building if proper air regulation and circulation is necessary

This kind of overhead commercial door could be very useful for businesses that need to keep their building’s temperature and air circulation strongly regulated. Restaurant or grocery store receiving bays commonly use them, as well as storage facilities or any other type of building that uses refrigeration.

Visuals & Aesthetics

Meanwhile, some businesses might require doors for more visual or aesthetic reasons. In such cases, either the door itself needs to be visually appealing or it needs to help display whatever is behind it. Aluminum glass doors are the common choice for such businesses, as they incorporate more appealing designs that are mostly glass to allow for more light and visual access inside. Businesses that commonly use such doors include:

  • Retail stores (like car dealerships) — allow for easy visual access of products
  • Fire stations — allow for better natural lighting inside the fire truck bays
  • Restaurants — allow visual access inside the seating area

Various professional service buildings might also choose to use such doors purely for the pleasing appearance of the doors themselves.


Some businesses might rate the lifespan and reliability of their overhead garage doors as the most important feature when making their choice. Sectional doors made with galvanized steel are the most common types of doors for such businesses, and offer customization through the panels, door track, and other hardware to match any size requirements.

Industrial buildings with a lot of heavy duty traffic through the doors, especially those in areas with inclement weather, are the businesses that get the best use out of these more durable commercial doors.

Speed & Lightness

For a business that values the speed and flexibility of their commercial overhead doors, there are some options that are lighter and more versatile. Shutter doors or security grilles are commonly used by businesses that have a high amount of traffic through their doorway and need the doors themselves more for security than anything else. Here are some types of businesses that usually use such doors:

  • Retail stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals

In most cases, the doors are only used when the business is not open and can be easily opened and closed by one person when needed.

Looking for a garage door expert in your area? Doorcare is your preferred commercial door provider. Get your FREE quote now.

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