Luxurious Options and Cutting-Edge Technology for Your Garage Door

Picking a garage door for your house should weigh on your mind for a while, as you ultimately will make quite a big decision. After all, this door will remain a part of your home for years to come. You need to pick a durable model with lasting materials and an attractive appearance. The myriad of luxurious options that you have available to you can make the decision of picking the right door very difficult. Sift through your choices carefully and take your time in making your final decision. Since you can consider this door an investment, you should look into picking top-of-the-line designs. These cutting-edge conveniences improve the appearance of your home and revolutionize garage functionality.


The most beautiful garage doors typically have an element of customization about them. Some doors allow you to choose almost every facet from the appearance of the door, such as its design and style, the material used for construction (standard options include wood, aluminum, and steel), to whether the door includes glass panels. Many brands also use fiberglass as an alternative to glass. This material mimics the appearance of glass but remains sturdier. It also has the capabilities of adding insulation to your garage, perfect for those colder winter days.

Eco-Friendly Doors

Other luxury features include green or eco-conscious doors. These use environmentally friendly materials and also tend to cost a little bit less money than other types of doors. However, you would never guess the price by looking at these. With rounded carriage-house-style wooden design features, these lovely overhead doors would look fantastic on any rural homes. You can improve the aesthetics of your residence while feeling good about doing your part for the environment as well.

Keeping Your Family Safe with Anti-Theft Technology

While you may have enjoyed garage door openers for years, newer models improve upon the technology in innovative and interesting ways. While before you could open or close your door at a distance, these new openers come equipped with fresh technology that allows you to access your garage door from anywhere in the world. Not only can you open and close the door, but you can also power your overhead lights on or off no matter where you happen to travel. You don’t need to heft a remote with you to do so either; instead, you can access your door right from your smartphone. Alternately, you can also control your door right from your computer.

Some doors also have theft-guard technology. These include radio technology within the door to determine who opens and closes the garage door at any time. Each user gets a frequency assigned to them. When someone tries to access the door from another frequency, it will not open. These doors can also sense when you use any other remote control but the one that comes with the door. This ensures that no matter where you happen to roam that you never have to worry about the security or safety of your home and possessions.

Doors may also feature automatic closing technology. This also prevents against the chance of theft or home invasion. If you forget to close the door sometimes, these will shut automatically after a certain amount of time. You never have to worry about your garage door snapping shut when you head to your car or unpack the groceries. Instead, these doors utilize motion detection so that they only close when safe to do so. You can determine how long that your door remains open through an included control panel.

Battery Backups Mean You Can Always Get in Your Garage

You can also purchase a battery backup for any of these doors. That means that even in the case of a power outage that you and your family can still access your garage. These batteries recharge in about two days’ time and feature different colored LEDs to let you know when they can power your door.

Although these batteries open your door at a slower rate than usual, the ability to get into your garage means that you can access tools, a generator, and leftover supplies that can all help very much in the case of a power outage. These batteries only work with certain brands of garage doors, and even then, only with certain models from those brands.

Once you have decided what you want for your door, you should contact a company to take care of installation. Ensure that you can get a warranty or guarantee on the door to promote longevity. Most luxury doors feature construction methods and materials that ensure that they will remain sturdy and without issues for years to come. The more that you pay, the better the materials that will go into making your door.

Lastly, have the phone number of a garage door repairperson handy. You probably won’t have to use it, but sometimes minor issues arise with these doors. They may become misaligned on their track, or parts may wear down and break over time. Hinges or loose springs may have popped out and need replacement. Batteries can stop functioning or stop taking a charge. Find a reputable repair service that will not break the bank. Hopefully you won’t need it, but knowing that you can call a company for repairs in case of emergency gives you peace of mind.

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