I Crashed into my Garage Door, Now What?

Can you think of anything worse than crashing into your garage door? While this may sound like something that would never happen to you, it is reality for many homeowners.
There are many reasons why you may crash into your garage door. Maybe you were not paying attention when backing out of your garage. Maybe you didn’t realize that your door never went up when you hit the button on your remote.
No matter the reason for making this mistake, you now find yourself looking for answers.
The first thing you should do is move your car out of the way, if possible. This way, you don’t risk any more damage to the vehicle.
From there, it is very important that you don’t attempt to do anything to the garage door setup itself. You never know what has happened during the accident, meaning that you could be taking a big risk if you attempt to move something on your own.
Contact a professional garage door repair service. From there, a service tech can review the situation and make suggestions on what you need to do next.
There is a good chance you will need an entirely new garage door. Along with this, you may require new parts, such as tracks, that are unrelated to the door itself.
Nobody wants to make the mistake of crashing into their garage door, but this happens more often than some people believe. If you find yourself in this situation, contact a professional so you can get your garage back in order as soon as possible.


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