How to Spot Check Your Garage’s Weatherproofing


Winter will be upon us soon, and most of us care quite a lot about how our garage feels when we leave in the morning to head to work. You don’t have to simply settle for a freezing garage. A properly weather-proofed garage can be comfortable in most temperatures, and most garage doors in general should provide decent insulation. If you’ve narrowed down your problem to your door, it could just be that your weatherproofing features need a little maintenance.

We’re going to tell you what to look for, so you won’t be surprised by any problems by the time winter rolls around. It’s not difficult to check your garage door for all the things that could be causing problems. You’re just going to want to focus on the integrity of the door, the weather stripping on it, and the frame around it.

Check for Cracks in the Door

Cracks can develop in garage door panels. This is bad news for your weather proofing, but there are also many more reasons to take care of problems like these immediately. Garage doors are much heavier than they can seem when being pulled by a motor. In fact, garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds. A crack anywhere may mean that the door is not going to be able to properly handle its own weight in the future. Get problems like this fixed as fast as you can.

Visually Inspect the Weather Stripping

Every garage door should have some brushy or fuzzy looking weather stripping around the door. It can usually be found below the door, and coming just off the frame at the sides and top. Every season, you should make a point of investigating the weather stripping all around your garage door.

The bristles on the stripping can be damage in many different ways, and sometimes the glue that bonds them to the parts can begin to deteriorate. In any place where the stripping looks threadbare or is hanging instead of sealed properly, there’s a problem. You should arrange to have it replaced immediately if you want some comfort in your garage.

Check for Light around the Door

Even if all the weather stripping is complete and secure, there may still be problems with how the garage door is fitted into its frame. If your garage door isn’t aligned properly, all that stripping can’t even do its job in the first place.

Go into the garage in the daytime to check around the door, or wait for night and have someone go over the outside of the garage door with a flashlight while you stand in the garage with the lights out. If you can see the light shining through at any angle, then you may have a problem. It typically takes a professional to properly remove and then refit the garage door, so you should call for garage door repair.


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