How to secure your garage while on vacation

When you go on vacation whether it’s for a weekend, a week or a month you are leaving your house behind. It will sit empty and potentially vulnerable during that time. You can’t let that worry ruin your trip and there are easy steps you can take to help secure your home.

Most burglaries are preventable if you take basic measures to protect yourself. They want to be able to get in quickly and easily. Garages are a favourite weak point for burglars to start with. Having a secure garage is essential to a secure home overall. Here is how to secure your garage before a vacation.

Let your neighbours know you’ll be away

Before leaving for a vacation you should let your neighbours know you’ll be away. Tell them where you’re going and when they should expect you back. Ask them to keep an eye out for any funny business. Having a good relationship with your neighbours means that everybody is looking out for one another. Communicate with them and then they’ll be more likely to notice a problem or intruder.

Lock the door

If you have an attached garage the door between your garage and the rest of your home should be treated like an outside door. It should be made of sturdy materials and have a deadbolt. You should make sure it is locked while you are away. You should normally lock it but if you’re not in the habit of doing this make sure to lock it before leaving. If you have a detached garage make sure the door is locked and secure before leaving. It should also be made of a high quality material and have a deadbolt. Garages are a popular weak point in your home security. Burglars use them to get to the rest of the house. Securing this door stops them from using this strategy.

Cancel your mail and subscriptions or have someone come to collect them

Nothing signals that you’re away on vacation quite like a large pile of mail overflowing from your mailbox. You can contact the post office and have them put a hold on your mail while you’re away and pause your subscriptions to things like newspapers to prevent this build up. You can also ask a friend or neighbour to stop by and collect the mail.

Close the blinds

If a burglar can’t see into your garage then they won’t be able to spot any of your valuables or stake out what they want to take. Close the blinds and make sure that nothing of value is visible. Step outside and look through the windows to make sure nobody can see inside.

Disconnect the remote door opener

Before heading out you should close the garage door manually and then disconnect the electronic garage door opener. This stops burglars from using a device that mimics your opener to get in.

Latch or fix the door in place

It’s easy to install a latch near the base of your garage door that you can flip closed while away on vacation. Place it on the wall next to the door and runners then push it across before leaving. Now your door won’t be able to open very easily.

It’s easy to secure your garage before your next vacation. These easy steps will go a long way in making your home a less attractive target.


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