How to Make Your Noisy Garage Door Whisper Quiet

It is frustrating to many people around the world, especially if your bedroom is right above the garage, that garage doors go from whisper quiet to noisy squeakers over time. It may be frustrating, but you can take some comfort in knowing that there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure your garage door opens silently without waking your entire household.

Ensure All Nuts And Bolts Are Tightened Appropriately

Think of it this way, anything that is loose on your door (or the door opening device) will result in rattling. Now, when I say rattling, I don’t mean a slight rattle. This obnoxious sound can be compared to a large earthquake knocking into your home when you open and/or close your garage door. Should you work at night, or require the use of your vehicle while other members of your family are asleep, you can see how this would be potentially problematic for you and probably really annoying for the loved ones you woke up. Additionally, smaller items (or china) can break if they are rattled off their placing. By ensuring all nuts and screws are properly tightened, you are going to eliminate any potential rattling before it becomes an issue for you.

Lubricate Moving Parts

As redundant as it may sound, it is essential to ensure all metal and moving parts are properly lubricated. When metal, or moving, parts are not properly lubricated they are known to rattle. This can cause the same issues as not properly tightening your nuts, bolts, and screws. Unfortunately, loud rattling can be enough to cause a large issue for you later, so it is important to ensure the system is well-lubricated at all times. By lubricating at least twice a year, you can ensure this ugly rattling issue never occurs in your home. Depending on where you live, you may need to apply this more frequently, however, it is recommended that you lubricate at least twice per year.

Upgrade to Nylon Rollers

This may sound funny as metal is more durable than nylon, but you should upgrade your metal rollers to nylon rollers if noise is an issue for you. Nylon rollers are durable, lightweight, cost effective, and whisper quiet. Metal rollers are known to make squeaking noises while they’re rolling, but nylon rollers do not. Additionally, nylon rollers do not require lubrication where metal rollers do. This is handy as nylon does require less maintenance than metal rollers.

Making Friends with Rubber Buffers

Rubber is our friend. Rubber blocks noise, which is extremely useful when it comes to making a garage door stealthier. Everything else has been pretty self-explanatory up to this point. However, this step is going to require a little more explanation.

The first thing you need to do is disassemble the bolts on the garage door and add a quarter inch rubber piece between the door and the bolt before screwing the bolt back on. The next step is to remove the bolts that fasten the garage door opener onto your ceiling. Be careful with this part as the device is being held on by the bolts you are unscrewing. This may require a couple of people unless you know what you are doing. Take a rectangular rubber piece with two holes at about one and a half inches apart. Bolt each end of your rubber piece to the frame and end to your opener. It is important to note here that the door opener will be suspended from the frame itself by the rubber piece you just inserted, so ensure this rubber piece is a nice durable piece. By doing this you are avoiding any unnecessary vibrations from going into your home through the floors or walls.

When All Else Fails, Replace Your Door

There are some types of garage doors that are made from materials that are much better for blocking noise and avoiding vibrations. For instance, a steel door may be warmer saving you money on heat for the duration of the winter, however, these doors are extremely loud to operate. Wooden doors are a commonly loved public favorite because of the elegant finish and handmade feel to them, however, they may also be loud when it comes to their operation.

It may not be necessary to purchase a whole new door if you follow the other tips above, however, it is a great way to start fresh and keep up with your maintenance right from the start to avoid issues later down the line. It is always easier to keep up with maintenance and proper care than it is to attempt to maintain a door that has undergone years of neglect.

Your Garage Door Specialist Can Help You

Let’s face it, we live in a very fast-paced society where people are barely ever home anymore. Between work, chores, errands, and possibly the kids we feel torn and dead tired by the time we get home at the end of each day. Most of us really do not want to spend our evening hours fussing over our garage door in attempt to keep up with the proper maintenance it requires. This is where your garage door specialist can help you out. Professionals do this for a living, and they likely have lots of experience and training to back up their service. This is handy as you do not have to worry about them making a mess of your system. Professionals can easily maintain your garage door system and keep it running as if it were brand new with as little as two visits per year.

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