How to lubricate your garage door

Like any machine with moving parts your garage door needs to be maintained and lubricated from time to time otherwise it will start to look and sound like the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz. Regular garage door lubrication can keep your garage door running smoothly and quietly. While garage doors make some noise they will make less when cared for properly.

Routine lubrication will keep your garage door running smoothly and will help it last longer. You should lubricate your garage at least once a year.

In order to lubricate your garage door you will need certain supplies. Get a rag or cloth. Buy a garage door lubricant. You should be able to find one of these at almost any hardware store. Make sure that the lubricant you buy is properly suited to lubricating a garage door and is not just a general lubricant or a degreaser. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendation for specific information. Have your garage door opener handy. You may need a step stool.

Be careful to wear appropriate safety gear including safety glasses or goggles and gloves. Keep pets and children out of the work area.

To begin with, inspect your hinges, rollers and tracks. Look for signs of wear or damage. Let your garage door open and close while watching for anything unusual. Watch how the rollers move along the tracks, look at the brackets and pulleys. If you don’t see any continue. If you do contact a professional.

Next you want to wipe down the garage door and surrounding area to remove any dust, dirt or debris that has collected. Keeping all the parts clean is important to keep it running smoothly.

Place the garage door in the closed position and detach the motor. Feel free to move the garage door up and down manually as needed while lubricating different parts.

You want to lubricate all of the parts of your garage door that move. Begin with the hinges. Then do the roller mounts and the roller track. Grease the pulleys and the rail.

You do not need to grease the chain as it is usually coated and treated by the manufacturer. If you do feel a need to clean it you can use a cloth and soap. The tracks should also be cleaned and not greased if they are blocked or filled with debris – clean them. If the tracks are in rough shape contact a garage door professional as they may need to be replaced.

Whether or not you need to grease the springs depends on the type of springs you have. Torsion springs need to be greased. Other types of springs may be coated and do not need to be greased. Check with the manufacturer’s instructions if you are uncertain.

Finish by opening and closing the door to distribute the oil to all the different parts of your garage door system.

Your garage door is the largest moving part and opening to your home. It is essential that you keep it in good shape. Lubricating it will help keep all its different parts running smoothly.


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