How to keep thieves out of your garage


Your garage is the largest opening to your home. It’s bigger than any of your doors or windows. It can be the place through which thieves get into your home. They can also decide to take something you store in your garage like an expensive road bike.

Fortunately most garage door break ins can be prevented if you take the appropriate steps to keep your garage safe.


Keeping your remote garage door opener in your car can be a recipe for disaster. When your car is parked out on the street in front of your house and the remote is sitting there in plain site likely attached to the visor it is an invitation to break into your car and then break into your garage. Either take your remote with you or get a small keychain remote. If you lose your remote reset it immediately to avoid someone using it to get into your house.

Don’t leave the door open

It’s easier said than done not leaving the garage door open. Sounds simple and obvious but it’s easy to forget that you had the garage door open or to stroll away. Leaving it open gives thieves a perfect opportunity to grab whatever they want. It also gives everyone a view of what you keep in your garage.

Installing a timer is a great solution to this problem. You set it so that it closes after being left open for a certain amount of time. No more leaving the door open.

Don’t leave your garage door open while you are doing work especially if you’re in a yard on the opposite side of the house. It’s nice to be trusting and it’s convenient to have easy access but anyone can look around or take something while you’re off doing yardwork.

Make sure the door closes

Just because you hit the remote doesn’t mean that your garage door is closed. Something could have blocked the sensors and triggered it to stop closing. Wait around to make sure that the door closes. Don’t just drive or walk away and assume it will.

Lock up when you’re on vacation

You always have to be careful about securing your house when you go on vacation. Including your garage in these precautions is a great way to prevent break ins. Unplug the garage door opener and lock your garage door in place with a padlock.

Lock the door

Once a thief is in your garage they are only a door away from the rest of your home. Install a deadbolt on the door between your garage and your home if you don’t already have one. Make sure to lock this door. You should also make sure that the door between your garage and home is made of strong material. You don’t want a flimsy door here. You want a strong door that can secure the perimeter of where you live.

Cover the windows

If there are windows in your garage you don’t want people to be able to look in through them. Put up blinds or curtains or you can frost them.


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