Going Green – Making Your Garage Door Green

Garage-Door-Repair-CompanyYou probably recycle. You bring a reusable bag to the supermarket every week. Perhaps you walk or bicycle to locations within a few miles of your house. You have no doubt switched out your light bulbs for compact fluorescent and always turn off a light when you leave a room. In short you are living as green as you think you can. Well, perhaps not. Consider replacing your old garage door with a new one built out of recycled materials that will greatly reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

Today’s garage doors are insulated which protects you home not only in the bitter cold months of the winter but also in the sweltering days of summer. Your house will retain more of its heat and more of its air conditioning, which you will see in decreased energy bills year round. This insulation not only keeps in the heat in the winter and out in the summer it also dampens sounds, which makes you able to use your car park as another room in your house. At any time you can feel comfortable that if your kids band decides to practice in the garage that they won’t disturb the neighbors.

Your garage door is the largest door in your house, hopefully, and as such is your best opportunity to purchase something built from sustainable materials using sustainable construction. Doors now can be made from materials like insulated steel and recycled wood composites that are not only more durable but also better insulated than wood or aluminum. Also the stains that were once used on wooden doors were terrible for the environment, but new doors are built with new paints and finishes that are baked on or powder coated which create not only a more durable finish but also reduce run-off into local water. These doors also run on far more efficient openers that further reduce the energy cost you incur using them.

Because of the increased durability of sustainably built garage doors they last far longer than the alternatives. Because of this they can last up to twenty or thirty years before they need to be replaced. Selecting a garage door that is environmentally friendly not only makes your house greener but it can save you a fair amount of “green” in the long run as well.

One of the first things that people see is your garage door so let the specialists at Doorcare recommend a door facelift right for you. Either by replacing your door entirely with a new, green one, or making energy efficient upgrades.

Green Facelift – Upgrading Your Door

If your garage is like another fridge in the winter and a sauna in the summer, this means your garage door is not energy efficient. While you may only use your garage for storage and to park your car, keep in mind that any rooms attached to the garage are going to be affected by the changes in temperature. Extra energy will be needed to moderate temperatures in adjoining rooms.

There is a variety of styles and colors to choose from when it comes to garage doors, so customizing your door to match your house is a solution to your house stand out.  Cost can vary depending on the material and area, but the specialists at Doorcare can give you the “green” options that fit what you need and your budget. Doorcare offers a free price quote and is willing to work with you to find the right door for you.

Questions to ask your technician or specialist when considering a new garage door:

  • Maintenance Requirements: (Wood versus steel/aluminum):  Simply wood will require more maintenance and usually carries a lesser warranty but has a significant aesthetic appeal
  • Insulation “R” Values: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R-value_(insulation).  The gist of it is the higher the R value the better and so if it is a cheaper price then check the R value.
  • Styles Available: Anything that is available.  Look at our web site and/or give us a call and we will evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution.
  • Thickness: We recommend 1 ¾ inch thickness as a rule of thumb but a customized recommendation is available from any of our technicians
  • Durability: How long will it last? Based upon your input Doorcare technicians should be able to recommend the best door product for your needs based upon your input.  Are the kids going to be playing hockey in front of the door?  Dents might be an issue.
  • Composition: Steel, Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Composite, Fiberglass
  • Available Colors, Finishes and Window Options
  • Warranties

Contact Doorcare for a free price quoteand to discuss  a new “green” garage door today!


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