Garage tool storage tips

For many homeowners the garage is the domain of DIY projects and tools. Whether they’re for basic home repair, yard maintenance or bigger projects tools often find a home in your garage.

If you’re careful to keep them organized and put away they can fit right in. If not then your tools can spread out and become unmanageable. Making sure everything has a place means that you never lose it and don’t have to worry about it. Your life becomes much easier when your tools are always put away properly. It also means that the space in your garage will go a lot farther.

Here are some basic steps to take to organize your tools.

Cord organizers

Get your cords untangled and organized with a couple of simple organizers. You can either build your own hooks or buy some. Then hang cords, ropes, bungee cords and hoses off of them. This way you can see everything and it stays in place. No more confusing mounds of cords that need to be pulled apart.

Tool hanger

You can buy complex tool hanging systems or fashion your own. This is great for tools that you use frequently and want easy access to. The tools are suspended from hooks. You can reach out and grab them off the hook when you need them. It’s easy to put them back on when you’re done. The tools are also visible making them easy to find.

Peg board

Similar in concept to a tool hanger a peg board goes against your wall, potentially above a workbench. You can put adjustable pegs in it allowing your to hang different sizes of tools from it. These are also within easy reach. These boards are perfect for smaller but commonly used tools that come in multiple size variations. You can line them all up together making it easy to get to them.

Colour code

You can colour code shelves, zones or sections to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. This can be done with paint or tape but makes it more visually obvious where to find specific things.

Stackable open faced bins

These bins can be easily stacked and have an opening in front. You can see and reach everything in all of the bins. The ability to stack them makes it easy to have several layers of similar objects and to use an open space effectively.

Tool tower rack

These are perfect for your larger tools and yard work tools. Stand up your rakes, hoes and snow shovels in a tower rack. The rack provides a base for the tools while also supporting the handles. They are simple and compact while still keeping the tools upright and visible.

Use the ceiling and high shelves

For tools and items that you use less frequently you don’t need as easy of access. You can keep your chain saw on a high shelf or the ceiling and still have it on those rare occasions when you need it. High spaces that are a little out of reach are just waiting to be put to use for storage.


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