Garage tips for cyclists


It is usually assumed that if you have a garage you will be using it to park a car. For many that is true. However, garages can easily be home to other items. Many cyclists will own a car. Others will forgo it altogether. Instead their garage will be dedicated to their beloved bicycles.

With a growing network of cycle routes and on street separated lanes Vancouver is becoming an increasingly nice place to cycle. More and more space in Vancouver garages is going towards bicycles. This means that you need space to store and maintain your bike. Here are some helpful garage tips for cyclists.

Get a stand to store your bike

If you own more than one bike they can easily start to take over your garage space. Most adult bikes don’t come with kickstands so you’ll need another way to hold it up. Leaning them against stuff or having them perched precariously in places that take up a lot of space is not an ideal solution. Stands and racks come in a wide range of styles, sizes and price ranges. It depends on how many bikes you have, how accessible they need to be and how much space you have.

One consideration will be how high you can comfortably lift your bike. Styles include hooks that you attach to walls, racks like the bike lock ups you see on Vancouver streets, vertical stands with support poles, wall shelves and pulleys that lift it to the ceiling.

Get a stand to maintain your bike

You can get a stand to perform bike maintenance on for as little as $20. You can also pay a whole lot more if you want a nice one. Higher end stands can be purchased starting for between $200 to $300. For basic repairs these stands are very helpful. You can also use them for maintenance. If you don’t want to invest in a stand you can leave enough room to stand your bike on its handlebars and saddle. This lets you fix a chain that’s fallen off or apply lubricant.

Get some cycling tools

Basic cycling tools can be purchased at minimal expense. These include allen keys, a set of wrenches, a pump and tire levers. They give you the ability to fix a flat or install a rack. Beyond that you can acquire a wide array of tools if you are into DIY maintenance. Keep all your tools in a toolbox or a bench. That way they are organized and accessible when you need to fix something.

Get a garage door opener key chain

Full sized garage door openers are big and clunky. You can store your opener in your bag where it’s clunky and takes up lots of space. When you arrive home you have to fish it out before opening the door. Otherwise you can keep it inside and have to come back out to put your bike away. Small remotes that you can attach to your keychain are available for most brands of garage door openers. Having it on your keys gives you easy access and takes up less space. Buying one lets you breeze in and out of your garage.

There a number of easy steps you can take to keep your garage and bikes organized. Spending a little money on racks now will keep everything neat and orderly.


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