Garage Doors and Wind Resistance


The Lower Mainland saw a wicked wind storm take down some solid trees, power lines and cause serious damage throughout our fair city. The wind storm from August saw wind speeds of up to 90 km/h, with gusts of wind and rain taking over the city by storm (no pun intended!).

After the heavy wind storm we experienced in August, we thought we’d share a little of our knowledge and experience when it comes to your garage door and how it is able to withstand some serious beatings from Mother Nature.

Variable Wind Resistance

It’s important to note that different garage doors can withstand different wind speeds and other weather factors. So it’s important to take everything into account when shopping around for garage doors, as different doors provide different levels of protection. And having the wrong door can be the difference between little to no damage or thousands of dollars of damage to your home and garage (and its contents).

Wind Load

Though the Lower Mainland might not get hurricanes, it’s still important to protect your home from every angle and in case of any weather-related disasters. By having a sub-par garage door, your are not only putting your garage and its contents at risk, but you are also putting the rest of your home at risk of damage as well. Once a garage is damaged, the weather will certainly impact the roof and the rest of your home. It’s important that your garage’s structure can also handle the impact of heavy winds as well, otherwise you’ll see a sort of domino effect.

Planning For Extreme Weather

We all know a little bit of rain can cause a lot of damage to your home. Well, if your garage door fails during extreme weather conditions, as little as an inch of water or ice or snow can leave you with repair bills totalling in the thousands of dollars. The water can get into your foundation, it can creep into your walls and cause mold and mildew and condensation. None of which are good or healthy for your home or for your family. So if under extreme weather conditions, your garage door is damaged, even just a little bit, all of this, and more can happen in the blink of an eye.

Wind Damage

Just because this type of weather doesn’t hit us in Vancouver too often, it still doesn’t mean it can’t cause serious damage. Think of all the downed trees — hundred-year-old trees suddenly taken out in an instant. Parts of the Greater Vancouver Area were left without power for three, four, five days. These severe wind, rain and/or thunderstorms can still cause some serious damage, and even minor damage can lead to long-term problems.

Energy Efficiency

A parting thought. A wind-proof door also provides energy efficiency since it protects the rest of the home from losing too much heat or letting cold air in. So consider this when shopping for a new garage door.


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