Garage Doors and R-Value, Consider the Energy Efficiency

Garage Doors and R-Value, Consider the Energy Efficiency
When buying garage doors, it is easy to pay attention to details such as the price and appearance. After all, everybody wants to buy affordable doors that look good while adding value to their home.
But are you forgetting something else? Have you taken the time to consider the R-value of the garage doors you are considering?
Many people never think twice about this detail. Instead, they assume that all doors are the same. It is never a good idea to assume anything when it comes to home improvement.
The R-value measures the energy efficiency of a garage door. The higher the number the more efficient the door, meaning you are going to save money on energy costs.
Many people opt against the highest R-value because it means they are going to spend more on the door itself. But remember, you are going to save money over the long run since the door is more energy efficient. This will go a long way in keeping the heat inside during the winter and the cool air inside during the summer.
When comparing garage doors, spend some time learning more about the R-value of each one. You may find that spending a few hundred more dollars allows you to get a more energy efficient door.
Don’t assume that one garage door is as energy efficient as the next. Instead, ask your installation company for information on the R-value of each door you are considering.
Are you going to opt for the highest R-value to ensure a more energy efficient home?


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