Garage Door Weather Stripping

Doorcare-Winter-MaintenanceWith the winter months upon us…

There are many of benefits of having a proper garage door seal on your home or business.  From the weather to unwanted critters having the right weather stripping for your door should be part of everyone’s garage door insulation plan.  Often people only think of the interior of their houses when it comes to insulation – think of all the energy saving and power smart programs that are available to us.  The exterior insulation is just as important.  If there are gaps between your door and the exterior of your house you can have leaves and rain blown into your garage by wind which can result in moisture that cause damage to your tools or other valuable garage items.

If you are thinking green these days (protecting the environment, saving energy, or using sustainable products) then including weather stripping as either part of a new installation or repair can help seal your garage door from the hot and the cold elements.

Checking weather stripping / garage door seal

Check a garage door seal during daytime hours, by turning the lights off while inside to see if you can see light seeping in around the edges of the door.  Quite often, the culprit is damaged or cracked weather stripping at the bottom of the door, which can be replaced.  Supplementing the seal with a threshold on the concrete helps, too.

vancouver-garage-door-repair-companyToday there are professionals like Doorcare available to assist you in properly sealing your garage door, or you can do it yourself and turn to garage door seal repair or replacement products. Many of these products utilize very strong adhesives that secure to the garage door quickly and provide protection from the elements, pests and critters outside.  The benefits to be gained from a proper garage door seal are real, and offer any property owner a great peace of mind that their belongings are protected.

If your garage door is older and has little or no insulation, you may wish to consider installing a new, more energy efficient garage door.

Buy A New Garage Door

There is a long list of doors to choose from and both wood and steel/aluminum doors can fit the bill.  The difference is in aesthetics.  It pays to know what you want in terms of the look or curb appeal of your house.  If you choose a steel or aluminum door the basics for an eco-friendly door are:  about 1 3/4 inch thickness with urethane insulation (there is such a thing as an R factor).   (Q?  are there R factors for wood doors?)

Doorcare offers a free price quote and is willing to work with you to find the right, energy efficient door for you.


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