Why Garage Doors are So Important to a Home?

More and more houses these days are equipped with garages to park your car and other vehicles. While the function of a garage might seem a bit obvious to you, you may be surprised to know just how important they are to keeping your cars in good shape, increasing your property value and adding important security to your residence.


When you use a garage door, you’re not just protecting your car or other vehicle, your protecting your home. Many garage doors now come with competent security systems that protect homes from being burglarized. Even if your garage isn’t necessarily connected to your home, you need to keep the contents of your garage secure and protected from vandals and criminals. It’s necessary, and if you keep putting it off you may have to deal with something unfortunate happening to your property in the future.

Garage doors give character to your home

So garage doors are obviously important for security, but you should also know that there are so many more options to consumers in today’s marketplace for garage doors. You can get garage doors in steel or aluminum, which have sleek, stylish finishes in a wide variety of colors and designs. Many brands even offer custom finishes. Wood garage doors are still available, too. You can get garage doors made from some of the most reliable and durable woods in the world. Plus, wood doors give your home a warm, classic character.

Ultimately, that’s a big reason why people choose their new garage door carefully. Garage doors can transform the look of your house. They’re big and eye-catching, and now with all these options, there’s never been a better time to get a garage door or replace your old one. When you get a garage door, you’re not just adding more style to your home, you’re actually adding property value, and that means real money.

Increase your property value

A lot of people don’t know about this: real estate agents throw around a term called “curb appeal” all the time. It means that when a person walks up to a house, what do they see? Does the property look attractive, welcoming, unique? Believe it or not, this is a big deal. It means adding on real dollars to your property value. Plus, if you know you may sell your home down the line, you’re going to have trouble finding a buyer if the garage doors are rusted, broken or absent, altogether. Think about it: garage doors aren’t just a necessity, they are an important investment.

Garage doors are necessary

People may hesitate to get garage doors but they shouldn’t. Cars can take on nasty damage from weather and vandalism, and if your garage is wide open, they don’t really make much of a difference to the devastation of a storm. Today, garage doors have much improved technology, too. You can get garage doors that are treated with coatings designed to make them weather and dent resistant. This way, your garage door will never corrode, making it an investment that will benefit you for a lifetime. And garage doors aren’t just about protecting your car, either – they can help you save a fortune on the energy bill.

Big Savings

Many homes have garages attached to their houses, and so when your garage is doorless, your house isn’t being properly insulated. This can mean you spend much more money on heating costs than you have to. Just as garage doors have become much more durable and reliable, they’ve also been designed to provide advanced insulation to your garage. This means you’d save a bundle on energy costs, especially over the winter months, when your garage is otherwise becoming a costly source of draft.


Garage doors don’t break very often any more, but if you have an old door that keeps getting jammed, won’t open or is very slow, don’t put it off – upgrade. The new garage doors on the market are amazingly reliable. They have various different technologies, now, and they are made to be resistant to damage and handling significant stress and wear. Plus, Doorcare offers 24/7 maintenance and a lot of our brands come with their own excellent seals of approval and guarantees. There’s no reason why you should have to deal with obsolete, faulty products. Doorcare has the most popular brands that will give you a quality door.

Environmentally Safe

So many of our brands offer products that are eco-friendly and energy efficient. This means you save money and you help save the planet, too. Garage doors of the past would erode, releasing dangerous toxins into the atmosphere. Don’t let your property be riddled with run-off from aged, out-dated materials. Get something that’s anti-corrosive and will save you real dollars on heating costs.


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