Garage Door Seals: What You Need to Know

Garage door seals can help weatherize your home, to save you money on energy costs, while also protecting the inside of the garage from the elements. However, to work properly, you’ll need seals on all four sides, and for the best protection, you’ll need different types of seals.

  • Garage Door Bottom Seal:A piece of rubber or vinyl to attach to the bottom of the garage door. This flexible material will compress when the door closes to seal the gap between the door and floor, keeping out dirt, water, air, mice, and insects. If you have a two car garage, expect to spend about $40. Replace when you can see light through the bottom of a closed door.
  • Threshold Seal:This seal works like the bottom seal, except you attach it to the floor, rather than the door. It is generally more durable than a bottom seal. It will prevent water from getting out of the garage, and can make sweeping the floor more difficult. Expect to spend about $70 for a two-car garage.
  • Weather-strip: Wind, rain, and snow can get into the garage via the sides and top of the garage door. Weather-stripping the door can add additional protection. You can get a 30-foot long strip for around $20. You can also install it yourself with a few tacks.

A weather-strip kit, including everything you need to seal all four sides of the door in a two-car garage is available for anywhere from $70 to $100. You’ll need a drill, screwdriver, and a utility knife to get the job done.


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