Gallery-Style Garage Doors

Gallery doors look great on nearly all garages, and are certain to add some new appeal to the curbside look of your home. This attractive option has windows placed along the top so that your garage can enjoy natural light without sacrificing the toughness and security of the door. Gallery-style doors are a fine choice for both residential and commercial customers, and we invite you to call us or come take a look at our stock today.

The fine gallery doors that you see pictured below were handled personally by Doorcare. These are models carried by us, and installations performed by our talented team. They can be made with various materials for different sizes for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gallery Doors

What materials are available for gallery doors?

We sell and install gallery doors made of steel, aluminum and wood. In the images above, you should be able to find examples of all of those, and we’re available by phone or contact form if you want to know exact models or brands. Our wooden gallery doors can be produced completely customized to the size and stain that you prefer.

Are gallery doors good for building curb appeal?

Gallery doors are an excellent option if you are trying to make your home stand out from the rest. Most standard garage doors do not come with windows, so you’re already setting yourself apart. Our large selection means that the windows come in many looks to fit or contrast from your home. It’s easy to create a striking look from the street by installing a gallery door.

How much natural light do gallery doors provide?

Depending on the clarity you want for the windows (which can range from clear to cloudy) you can have a pleasant amount of natural light in your garage. On sunlit days, you’ll have no problem using your garage without turning on the lights—which means electricity savings.

Do you carry gallery doors that have more windows, or vertical windows?

You may be looking for a different style of garage door known as the fullview-style door. We do carry these doors, including some that have windows in every panel! Find out more by checking out our gallery of fullview doors, here.