Custom Wooden Garage Door Gallery

We sell wooden garage doors made to your custom specifications. They are available in numerous types of wood and in any style including: carriage, gallery and standard. We can build them at any unique size or shape. In short, we can build the perfect wooden garage door for your home—the kind of look that will turn heads and add lasting curb appeal to your home.

Just below, you’ll find some great images of the wooden garage door installations that we’ve completed in Vancouver. All of these installations were completed by the Doorcare team, so you can expect the same style and quality when you have us install a wooden door onto your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Doors

What parts of the door can be customized?

Our wood doors can be customized almost completely. We work with a carpentry partner to produce these doors, so the exact shape and size you need can be produced. These doors can be installed as single doors or sets. Your door can also be stained in a rich variety of colors before it’s delivered and installed by our team.

Can the doors be painted?

Painting is not one of the customizations that we offer, but it will be safe for the door for you to paint it or to hire a painter after it has been completed. You’ll be able to choose from several different types of wood, so you can choose types that respond well to paint.

Are wooden doors pricier than standard doors?

Wooden doors are considered a premium option, and they do add a look of elegance to a home, but you’ll find that these doors are also available affordably with the right options. If you have standard-sized garage, you should be able to install a great matching wooden for not much more than a standard door would cost.

How long does a custom wooden door installation take?

Even if you have a custom-sized door, your installation will take about the same amount of time as a standard door. Expect the installation of your door to take from between 2-4 hours.