Carriage Doors Photo Gallery

Enjoy some wonderful photos of the carriage doors that we’ve installed for homes all around Vancouver. Wooden carriage doors are some of our favorite doors to install, and the ones that you’ll find below are just a few of the dozens that our team has finished. Every year this style seems to grow more popular.

Carriage doors are about more than just timeless style, though. Each one can be custom built for the unique needs of your garage or home. These doors look at a distance look like doors that can be pulled or pushed open and close, and can either be set to open as they look or to open up and down like standard garage doors. Find out more information about our doors in the Frequently Asked Questions section under the gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Carriage Doors

What materials are available for carriage doors?

Wood is the most traditional look for carriage doors, and we’re proud to offer custom wooden doors for that truly timeless look. Synthetic or metal materials may be available for certain installations.

What custom options are available?

Our doors can be sized to fit any garage, and many custom options are available. Our partnerships with local machine shops means that we can create doors of any size and shape. Therefore, we can still assist customers with garages that aren’t sized for standard doors.

Are carriage doors overhead doors?

Traditional carriage doors open outwards and swing toward either side. In that way, they are not the same as the overhead doors that slide up and down from the ceiling of your garage. However, you don’t have to install a carriage door to have the classic look since we also carry up-and-down doors that look like carriage doors.

Are carriage doors more expensive than normal doors?

These types of doors are considered a premium option, but they can be installed at an affordable price. Our team would be happy to come to your home to look at your garage and give you a free quote.