Fix a Garage that Won’t Open in Time to Get to Work


Stuck Garage Door

You’ve woken up one morning, bright and early to go to work, and you find out that your garage won’t respond to the opener. What an inconvenience! Fortunately, problems like this can be fixed very easily with the right expertise, and the talented garage door techs at Doorcare have no shortage of the right expertise.

If you should find that you run out of time while trying to repair this problem yourself, you can try calling our location in Langley, British Columbia. We offer residential repair services starting very early in the morning, and our vans can get out to your home very quickly if they aren’t currently helping other customers. Let us try to get you to work on time.

If you’re ready to try it yourself first, you can begin with the opener.

Step 1: Check the Batteries in the Garage Door Clicker

You’d be surprised how often the simplest solution is the one that is most easily overlooked. Your garage door opener likely runs on batteries and a failure to respond can mean nothing more than evidence that the time has come to install fresh ones. If you have new batteries, or some that are the correct size working in another device, try popping them out and placing them into your garage door opener.

This is most likely the case if your garage door doesn’t even make noises or flash when you attempt to use the clicker. Unfortunately, the solutions can become more expensive if this is your problem, but not your solution.

Step 2: Determine Whether the Door Can Be Moved

Now that you know the opener isn’t responsible for the unmoving door, it’s time to check for an obstruction. Your garage door should move easily up and down whether the opener is in operation or not. Modern safety systems may not allow the door to move if there is too much resistance to the operation from any source, and that may be why your garage door isn’t working now.

If you can’t open the garage door at all, it’s likely this is your problem. If you have some type of locking mechanism, make sure that it is completely disengaged when you attempt to open the doors. If it is, your garage door may be catching on something, or have debris caught up in the machinery. Search for the place along the frame where the garage door is catching, and remove the obstacle if it is safe and possible for you to do so.

Step 3: Determine Whether the Opener is Receiving Power

If your garage door stubbornly refuses to open even when you’ve performed the previous steps, it’s time to consider that the opener itself may be malfunctioning. The first thing you need to do is verify that it’s receiving power. If you have one, you can use a voltage reader to determine if the line feeding the garage door is live. If the right amount of power if being sent through, problems get more complicated.

Garage door openers can fail for a variety of mechanical reasons. Check your ownership manual to find out if it’s possible to reset or troubleshoot the device itself. If that doesn’t help, the garage opener may itself need repairs before operation can continue.

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