Five Tips For Choosing A New Garage Door


Replacing a garage door might seem like a tedious task. First the design options these days are quite numerous, but also the variety of materials doors come in as well are a huge factor to consider when shopping. Depending on where you live in the Lower Mainland, the style of your home and how big (or small) your space is, you’ll want to consider a slew of choices.

It’s also quite an expensive purchase, from buying the doors, to installing them as well as regular maintenance to ensure the door lasts a lifetime. And in terms of resell of your home, consider the way the exterior of your home looks. First impressions are very important in a saturated housing market so you want to ensure you stand out amongst your competitors.

Consider these things when going through the purchase process: materials, styles, energy efficiency, decorative options, colours and of course, price. Here are five steps to follow when starting your garage door purchase journey

So Many Options. So Little Time.

So you’ve decided to get a new garage door. Congratulations. Let the shopping begin. But before you visit any stores or suppliers, think about the variety of options available to homeowners these days. Visiting social media sites like Pinterest are a good place to start evaluating your options. Not only will you get a good idea or what you like and don’t like in terms of design, you’ll familiarize yourself with the variety of brands out there, the different styles and materials doors come in these days, as well as costs and other important factors.

Google Images is also a good place to see a variety of designs, styles, colours, etc.

Materials, There Are So Many.

All garage doors are not created equally, that is to say the materials from which they’re made vary greatly and each should be considered depending on several factors. Wood doors are frankly beautiful and can be custom built to fit any door space as well as to match any style of home. However, beauty does come with a heftier price tag as well as ongoing maintenance throughout the years. Steel doors are, obviously, sturdy and will last a long time with little effort. The downside is they can be easily dented leaving a not-so-perfect impression of your home.

Insulation: Yay or Nay?

If your garage is detached from the home and you don’t store anything that could be damaged by the hot, cold or wet weather, you might consider a non-insulated door. This will save a few dollars to your overall purchase price, and also isn’t as necessary since Lower Mainland winters are rather mild anyway.

If your garage is attached to the main house, and is connected to a bedroom or a room you spend a lot of time in (living room or kitchen), you might want to consider insulated doors. Insulated garage doors will help to keep the cold and damp weather from permeating into your home, and keep those adjacent rooms nice and comfortable.

Imagine The Possibilities

Once you’ve narrowed down the style and material you think is best for your home, have fun with some online tools. Some websites allow you to upload a photo of your garage so that you can play around with the different door looks and see what suits your house best. Windows or no windows, colour or wood-stain, overhead or sideways open.

Grab Your Wallet

Of course, once everything has been decided, on paper at least, it’s time to actually go to your local stores and/or garage door experts to negotiate price and buy your garage door. You’re informed and know what you like and don’t like, what suits your family’s lifestyle and your home’s decor.


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