Eliminating Noise from Your Garage Door

Have you ever been dragged out of a wonderful dream due to the garage door clamoring open or closed at some horrendous hour? If you have, you will know that it is not a pleasant experience. Nobody should have to put up with this type of noise abuse and nobody has to if they want to put some time and effort into things.

With the amount of people who own garages, it is funny to think about how many of them deal with noisy garage doors instead of bothering to repair or troubleshoot the issue. A noisy garage door can be silenced by following a few steps. Remember, the issue that is causing the noise in the first place is going to fall into a few categories, so going through the list one item at a time and trying each step will ensure that you solve the problem as quickly as humanly possible. The fixes required to get rid of unnecessary noise from your garage door is easily done within an hour and will often give you immediate peace of mind, unless you have teenagers you are worried about sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night.

Tighten All the Nuts And Bolts

You can start by ensuring all the nuts and bolts are tightened properly on your door as well as the track hardware. Be sure not to over-tighten your screws as you can strip them or cause them to go right through the door resulting in a larger issue later. When it is possible, use a deep socket and a ratchet to help you get the bolts on tightly without tightening them too much.

Check Out Your Rollers

The rollers are key to sound issues with a lot of people’s garage doors. If your garage has metal rollers it is a good idea to keep them well lubricated. You should probably consider lubricating them at least once every couple of weeks to maintain a smooth roll. A lot of us are busy in our everyday lives and do not have time to lubricate rollers despite how miniscule the time spent here is. If that is your case, you can consider switching your rollers to nylon rollers which do not require lubrication and are much quieter than metal rollers.

Many rollers come with opened seals which pull apart and deteriorate over years of use in dusty conditions. The extent of the damage here depends on how badly the roller is damaged. In some cases, the rollers may wobble on the track when the door opens which can result in serious injuries. It is a good idea to replace any damaged or broken parts before anything bad happens to you or someone you love.

So, you have decided to replace your rollers? That is some good news! When you are replacing your rollers, make sure you only replace them one at a time. Should your door use springs that are mounted in the header of the door, do not attempt to replace the rollers in the bottom brackets. The rollers found in the bottom brackets are under constant tension from the springs. Attempting to dismantle this contraption could result in you losing an eye.

Check Out Your Hinges

To find worn out hinges on your garage door is not a very common thing, however, it does happen. Worn hinges cause quite a bit of noise and if they are not properly replaced they can result in the warping of your garage door. Grey dust and metal fillings around the hinge pin are early signs of wear. Should you notice this when looking over your garage door it is important to replace those hinges as soon as possible or you may end up losing more than just the hinges in your door.

Take a Look At Your Door Opening Chain

It may sound redundant, but it is important to ensure the chain that opens your garage door operates smoothly without a hitch. A garage door that has a loose opening chain will make really loud noises that sound a lot like slapping along with rattling the door around when in use. When you think about it, a large garage door slapping against a metal track would make a pretty noticeable noise when you have your bedroom right above the garage.

Using your user’s manual you can find the instructions on how to tighten the chain that opens your garage door. Don’t forget the lubricate the open track should you have a track drive opener and grease the threads as well if you have a screw driver opener.

Lubricate Well

You are going to want to lubricate the hinges, roller bearings, and springs with the proper garage lubricant. Ensure you cover any pivot points and open moving parts. The key here is to keep everything flowing easily to prevent any friction and noise from disturbing you while the garage door is in use. Keep lubricating all moving parts every six weeks to ensure that they keep running smoothly and silently in the future.

There are many different kinds of garage door lubricant available for you to choose from. Do not get overwhelmed. You can check your user manual for any suggestions, however, in most cases a standard bottle of garage door lubricant or grease will suffice.

Keeping Your Garage Door Silent

It is important, as stated above, to lubricate all moving parts on your garage door every six weeks or so to keep things working efficiently. The silence you will receive should you follow these simple steps will be much more pleasant than the loud racket you had before. The steps above do not require a lot of your time, and they are relatively cost effective options as nylon rollers do not cost much to purchase from a store.

It is easy for a person to forget to check on the joints of a door before an issue arises; however, it is truly essential to keep up with the maintenance of your system. Should you fall behind and an issue turns into a far greater issue you will only end up costing yourself far more money to replace the door and garage opening system entirely.

When in doubt, there are many friendly and professional garage care specialists that are available to answer any questions you may have, or help you to fix any issues you may have with your garage door. Most garage door technicians offer their rate at an affordable price and often offer a free consultation to give you an idea of what you should expect to spend ahead of time.

Just as any other item, a garage door will need to be replaced after quite a few years of use. Should you require a full replacement door you should look into the different options available before purchasing one as some come with added features or benefits that may appeal to you depending on what you require from your garage door.

What You Will Need To Complete These Tasks

In order to complete the tasks above you are going to require a few items first. I know, that may sound like a pain, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end. If you don’t want to do the work, you can always hire someone that will do it for you.

You are going to need a socket set, a wrench set, a four-in-one screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, an impact driver, a step ladder, and some garage door lubricant.

The tasks above should not take very long to complete as I said before, and they should be relatively easy to complete, unless you are afraid of heights or are really short, so you should not have much trouble with them. Again, it may be difficult to find the time to do it, but you need to ask yourself if it is worth the effort to put an end to the noisy clamor of your garage door opening system.


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