Doorcare: Ask Our Experts about Noises


There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a garage, and many of those things tend to be noisy. We’ve gathered together a list of our most commonly-asked questions related to garage door noises so that we could answer them all at once. Save this page to use as a resource if you ever want to know what’s causing that annoying noise.

“Loud Rattle When the Door is Opened or Closed”

Customers frequently describe a loud rattling sound that lasts from the time that the door is first opened until the time it’s locked into place. There are a lot of issues that could be at play here, but you’re most likely looking at a problem with the garage door frame.

Rattling usually means that something has broken, or a screw has been stripped somewhere in the frame. Your garage may no longer be suspending the door properly, which may cause the whole system to shake when in operation. This may be a very affordable problem to fix if you call in a specialist, but don’t overlook the possibility that your garage may be receiving additional damage every time you operate it.

“Constant Ticking”

If you hear something that sounds a lot like a ticking clock when you open or close your garage door, you likely have a problem with your bearings. Your garage relies on large and precisely-shaped bearings to roll up and down smoothly. When they’re chipped, you’ll hear a sharp little sound when they’re rolling. When they’re forced to roll many times, that sound resembles a tick.

Fixing the noise is as simple as replacing the offending bearing, if that is indeed what is causing the problem. If you can narrow down the location of the sound, you can spot check all of your bearings for problems.  

“Squeaking or Squealing”

If your garage makes a loud squeaking or squealing noise whenever it’s lifted or lowered, there are many possible culprits. Before you become worried about the cost, it’s entirely possible that nothing more than basic essential maintenance will solve the problem.

These kinds of noises are almost always caused by a lack of necessary lubrication. Where the lubrication is missing may be more difficult to determine. If you’re having trouble narrowing down the source of the noise, make sure that you closely check the hinges on the door, the moving parts on the frame, and the garage door opener itself.

“Grinding Noises”

Loud grinding noises are often as serious as they sound. This sort of problem doesn’t happen unless some part of your garage door system is under a lot of stress, and you need to address it right away. The part being damaged is usually one of those involved in raising the door. Grinding noises can usually be traced to the garage door opener, and what it’s doing when the chain is being fed through it.

This can be an affordable fix if the problem is that the chain needs to be replaced, or simply lubricated. The problem may be with the garage door opener however, and that can be a bigger expense. Make sure you resolve the problem as quickly as possible to prevent more serious damage.

“Loud, Sudden Banging Noises”

Loud popping noises are an uncommon issue that can point to a problem with your springs. The sound usually occurs once or several times while the garage is being lifted or lowered. This sound may mean that the springs are catching on something, or that they’re popping out. The springs hold a massive amount of pressure, so you should not attempt to replace them yourself.


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